Stop trying to be “Fornite” and be Gears of War pls!

TC… perhaps you, like many other development houses have taken note of the ridiculous popularity of “Fortnite” and the large sums of revenue that “Epic Games” is making because of it and you want a piece of that pie… maybe the whole pie??? The thing is that GOW IS NOT “Fortnite!” and if the people playing your game wanted a game like “Fornite”, they’d be playing “Fornite”, but they’re not… they are playing your game; and what long time fans of this franchise are looking for is an authentic Gears of War (not just Gears) experience. I remember Rod saying in an interview that TC had to prove that they could make a GOW game and make it right before they could make it different… the game you’ve released no longer looks or feels like Gears of War. I would say, go back and play through the older games again. Talk to the people that were on those teams @EPICGAMES . Heck! If you can… talk to Cliff. Learn what truly makes “Gears of War”, “Gears of War”!

Listen to the fans! There are many people like myself, who were early adopters. Gears of War was the reason I purchased an XBOX 360 instead of the PS3.
Get rid of the gimmicks. Scrap the store, scrap the totem system, scrap the tour of duty system. Get rid of the HERO nonsense in Horde. Balance the MP in a way that makes it advantageous for all players. Address the grievances people have.


I’m really confused how Gears is trying to be like fortnite in the slightest. Care to explain?


I’m sure you’ve probably played Fortnite and I’m sure you’ve seen similar systems that are in Fortnite, implemented in G5. Gears 5 is not the first game to copy something that’s found in Fortnite and tried to capitalize off of it. I’m not out to bash the game. I’m a fan like everyone else in these forums. Been on board since November 2006. I voice my opinion, because GOW is my favorite game franchise and Gears 5 is nothing like the entries that made this title a mainstay for so, many. IMO and in the opinion of many others, this isn’t Gears of War anymore. It’s made to many critical departures. I, like so many others simply want TC to give us what we consider a truer GOW experience and stop being like EA and Activision trying to milk us for every dime we have after we’ve dropped $60-$80 on their title.


Oh so you’re talking about the ToD vs the Battle Pass and store/microtransactions then? How does that affect the gameplay at all, the store is all cosmetics and same with ToD which is free in comparison (discounting that Forty is free to play) .
The unlock system is the only comparison that can be made, I still don’t get how Gears is trying to be like Fortnite gameplay wise.


It’s not trying to be Fortnite. It adopted a live service model. Meaning, it aims to bring and keep as many people playing every month, seasons through its Tour of Duty Operations system.

“Live service”, not “Fortnite”.


Probably should have been more clear, as I was not referring to gameplay, but the store/ToD system.

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An no problem. Yeah the system isn’t perfect, but it’s one of the better microtransactions and progression systems in my opinion.

You don’t have to buy anything and it incentivizes you to continually play (even though it is grindy). The new characters added being earned through Totems is a hybrid system of Gears 3 unlock system too. With some small tweaks I think it could be really good.

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It’s trying to be like fornite via the store is exactly like it . Gears have always gaven us free and easy to earn cosemetics and tons of them too. This gears gives us hardly anyfree ones, you only get 500 iron for tod, tod is 3 months that means it takes half a year to get a 1000 iron. They put the premium skins in th store , when we used to get tons of premium skins and charcters for free !!! Do you underatand now? The store looks exactly like the fornite store? I don’t know why you can comprehend what he is saying ! And it’s true why defend this. And don’t say cosemetics don’t matter when they have always been in this game for FREE, now not so much , don’t you see how that’s wrong ? A thousand iron for have a half a year is ridiculous, it wouldn’t be so bad if we got iron more frequently, maybe after every other game, then I won’t complain. But I will keep complaining about this bc it’s not fair to treat a 60 dollar game , like it’s a ftp game (fornite) in the cosmetics Field


Hi Ektope,

Let’s pretend I buy that part where the game has shifted its focus to become a live service model, then in that case The Coalition made 2 big Public Relations mistakes.

  1. They marketed the game to be a full game and a ultimate editon game which playerbase paid money, they should have released for free in that scenario so that people its aware that is taking the “Fortnite approach” and the game will eventually sell them skins, modes, characters, stages and so forth, The coalition can’t have it both ways to sell a full product and then to have it as a SERVICE GAME, by doing that its pretty much a way to allow the customers to destroy the game in any state as it is and to leave it behind. ( which it really what people are doing ) .

  2. If TC its going to make it a LIVE SERVICE GAME , then the least you can do its to provide your customers the very same feeling of inner Gears of War , not to change a game which behaves as something else ( like apex legends bullocks ) , TC won’t get money if the game doesn’t deliver and nowadays players can’t get fooled as easier as before.

As a side note, if it was a Free game and TC would charge a skill card for increased ammo for lancer for 23 dollars I would pay it, what Im makes me angry its that they make fool out of my intelligence.

Regards Ektope .


He wasn’t clear in the opening point. He brought up Gears being like fortnite then went on a nostalgic rant about Gears and wanting an “authentic Gears experience” and then asked to scrap microtransactions and change horde/MP.

When the title says stop trying to be like Fortnite I would immediately assume he’s talking gameplay.

You still get “premium” and free skins by just playing the game and completing the ToD over 3 months and Totems have no time limit. The amount and quality of said free skins is a different topic. However, which previous Gears game gave out “premium” skins for free that didn’t require a grind or purchase of DLC?

“Stop trying to be like the game that makes hundreds of millions of dollars every month!”

Not a great pitch to game developers/publishers, tbh.


But its not really ftp , you have to pay 15 for the service then another 15 for Xbox live lol so I don’t know who would take the service approach , also most those games on the game pass is trash , I hope they don’t make Halo like this, but I think Microsoft is pushing for this


Gears of war 4 , I had almost every character and skin in that game , which was from just playing. You only can get so much from just playing on this one. You are gonna miss some skins if you don’t buy iron and you don’t get iron enough to compensate for the store changing every week.


they just want money so much, they forgot to make a good game while at it .


So you prefer an RNG and currency based system over a freeI play model with microtransactions for those who don’t want to spend as much time playing for skins? Gears 4 was beyond god awful at launch for crafting characters much worse than 5, but comparing the end result of a 3 year old game after many adjustments is just cheap.

Why do you need to buy the store skins? Also I play maybe 5 hours total a week and am more than 2/3 through the ToD. I have yet to buy any Iron and probably never will, because I don’t need to earn the stuff I want.

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Yes I totally prefer supply drops ! 10,000 for elite drop , get about 1000 a game , ten matches get a supply drop ! Elite supply drops had everything in it…this may sound strange to u but makes since to me! I would rather pay for battle pass or maps over then paying for cosemetics. Maps and battle pass are worth money not cosemetics. I will not buy cosmetics but I really love them but they won’t entice me but that doesn’t make it right ! It’s messed up. Of course I support no microtransactions but if I had to pick from the current store or gears of war 4 , I would choose gow4 . Atleast we got in game currency after every game which in return we get loads and loads of customization opitons

Yes you get some but most of the rewards for completing tod objectives are no more then marks and flags…if they made the rewards better , with more skins and mor character skins as the majority of rewards in tod , I wouldn’t complain. Also if we got iron more often and not 1000 for half a year


@SaintGilliam is a nice person, but don’t bother trying to convince him that the system in Gears4 is @$-#&##&## compared to what we have now. Everyone and their mothers have tried, but he’s set in his ways.

Lucky for us the whole industry is moving away from RNG based reward/purchase systems and MS is no exception. Thank God.


Paying for a battle pass would literally be the same as paying for cosmetics though…I dunno what to tell ya. You can play the game for free to earn skins without ever having to put $ towards iron. Much better system than Gears 4, but to each their own.

You know what really would incentivize people to keep playing? Great game play. I played Gears 3 for 5 years…never got bored. High degree of difficulty and chalenging opponents made it worth playing, I used to be a street fighter played before GEARS. I was #9 in the Xbox world for a little while (M. Bison) People love competition. It will keep players interested. Casuals were never going to stay in the first place. So, just like in GEARS 4 They need to split the player base. The way it is now and a true Competitve mode. Where the pros can play and it be balanced and competitve. It was a good idea in 4. Seems like they took all the good idea they themselves came up with and threw them out the window. Something’s, like the sound of a headshot were loved and a staple of the franchise. They changed it why. It’s a F you to the community.


Almost all games are headed in this direction, it’s got nothing to do with Gears

CoD just announced that they are adopting a Battle Pass system as well.

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