Stop the lancer fire on river!

Just figured I’d proactively start complaining about the lancer fire on River.
I’m pinned at spawn, I hate this map! They just lancer from all over! Ugh! Lol.
I love the map but the crying is going to be fierce! Glad to finally have maps coming, I just hope River has some tweaks because I think people have forgotten how much cheese it produced.
Good luck out there, see ya’ll under the bridge.


What’s with the odd text?

And people will create complaint threads regardless of whether you preemptively make one or not, I think.

Although it may also still be a bit early to judge what TC will have done with the map and how it plays out.

I know, this is the place to complain about everything. My fingers are crossed and I’m looking forward to seeing all the maps.

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It’ll be awful for versus, but at least it’ll be something new to do in horde.

Probably only fun for a week, but hey, it’ll do.


I love River, regardless of the open fire spaces.

Best Map in my opinion.

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It was my one of my favorites to play with friends, randoms not so much. I miss all the gears 2 maps in general, they have gotten no love so i’m glad to see them get it. I can just remember all the complaining on the epic boards about lancers on river even back then. So we’ll see.

River, Nowhere, Mansion, Memorial and Canals are my favourites of all time and most of them are Gears 2 maps.

Like you say I do miss them Gears 2 maps.

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All good. Mansion is on my list. I miss the smaller maps, I know with the game now smaller maps don’t work but I miss attacking and defending the interior.

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Yeah I know, most of the Gears 2 Maps I’d have back tomorrow.

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You’re right. The lancer should be removed from the game. Player are abusing it by forcing the Lancer to shoot at your enemies.


I think we all know that Gears 2 had the best maps out of the entire franchise. Period.

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Wait, what? River?