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Stop sabotaging Gears 4

We get it. you don’t want us playing Gears 4 anymore you want us to play on Gears 5. Well if you haven’t had one of thee biggest disappointments I Have seen in Game’s Launch in such a long time, maybe we would still be playing 5. instead you have so many glitches and GAME. BREAKING. Glitches to boot, we don’t have an enjoyable experience. But the shot registry in Gears 4 is atrocious. People walking through my trishot, gnasher does nothing despite shooting a guy twice but only one shot counts. People want to play Gears 4 because it is a finished game, and it feels like Gears of War. The movement in Gears 4 means something. With proper timing you can roadie strafe around somebodie’s gnasher. You cant do that in 5. Movement is way to slow. Gears 5 is a rifle centric game. A gaming experience I can get in Call od Duty. Dueling with shotguns is a unique experience that only Gears is able to provide for me. And as it stands Gears 4 is the best I can do as Gears 5 doesn’t give me that experience.

But you guys are going out of your way to break that game, and all it is doing is turning your fanbase off. You had a working formula and you bombed it. It is just so frustrating.



Yeah , something is definitely off with Gears 4. The movement, the shots not registering correctly… Also today I tried to play some KOTH and it was taking longer than usual to find a match. I cancelled and restarted the search about 3 times until I finally found a match. Maybe they are starting to cut down on the servers. It was bound to happen eventually. Oh well, at least I got a PS4.


Could it be a smaller playerbase on Gears 4 contributing to longer matchmaking times? I know since Gears 5 launched any time I’d hop on Gears 4 I’d really only get fast times in social or TDM.


Movement way too slow in 5. Can’t strafe at all, especially with aim assist helping people not get strafed SMFH.


I mean…this was my experience for almost a year before Gears 5 was released. Shot registry, lag compensation and fluctuating ping sponging has plagued Gears 4 for a long time.

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Time to move on and get good at 5.

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Definitely agree. As gears 4 feels solid. I wasted$80 for gears. 5 and I don’t even play it now. So now it’s either gears 4 or borderlands 3. That’s it. Tc fix your craft ASAP…

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What would be the point of him getting “good” at a dying and pathetic game?


Some here if Gears 5 multi-player was any fun I would be playing it but since it’s for S**t I don’t play it… No in currency to earn no characters no maps!

Not true full libraries all weekend… Had crazy fun… is the Coalition.

There wouldn’t be any point… a waste of time.


Play Gears 5. … I tried that. Movement is so God Awfully slow, it’s even harder to get good in Gears 5. Gears 5 is such a rifle fest I feel like I am playing halo or Call of duty sometimes. I don’t get a good Gears experience playing 5 to be honest. The maps even encourage rifle play over gnasher. Hell the ranking is so broken I refuse to even try it. Supposedly there was a patch to fix that. Cant find a match in 5 to verify whether that’s true to not. Yes they set the ranking in gears 4 to only derank, you wont move up, but hey at least the game can be fun when the lag isn’t teleporting you across cover and other ■■■■■■■■. It feels like a Gears a game at least.

When are we getting Lancers-only KOTH??? Give the people what they want, TC!1

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This is factual. A couple weeks ago they screwed with gow4 ranks. I went from D4 to O2 within 10 games regardless of wins/mvps. I haven’t played since so idk if they ever fixed it. They are definitely trying to sabotage 4 so people will go to 5 though.


I completely quit gaming in general… gears 5 was supposed to be a big hit for me and… it’s the worst gears to DATE dont give me that judgement is worst crap


I ignore EVERYTHING gears related I’m so disappointed I dont support anything. When they show " what’s up" or stream tournaments I just scroll right past it.

If this was medieval times I would HOPE we could all right on horseback and behead the entire studio… instead were force fed thid human feces of a game…

Words cannot describe how much they bombed it… they downgraded everything in gears 5 gears 4 is a solid game… such a shame…


At least map voting is back again, but who knows for how long

What I don’t understand is people investing money on these characters and cosmetics in the store. I checked the G4 store and Griffin is still 14.99. That is one character! I could buy a whole game with that amount. The sad part is I know someone who paid that money and he rarely plays the game anymore. That was money well spent🤣. In the future when theyvstop maintenance or shut down the servers in the game, people won’t even be able to use the character they bought online anymore.

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Lol jesus it’s a video game, it’s not like they rapped and pillaged your hometown and family

I hope that future will take a long, long time to arrive because I don’t plan to go to 5 just because they sabotage or worse, they give Gears 4 the shot of grace.

At least they’ve fixed the voting.
Now all that’s left is to fix the problems with the ranks.

By the way, did anyone notice that now the pings are higher for most of the players?