Stop removing loadout items in this series

First the hammerburst, enforcer (Hate that weapon but that’s not the point, I’m sure someone liked it.)now flashbangs. Okay the flashbangs don’t work…I don’t agree. But that’s OKAY!

But REPLACE the things you remove in each iteration with something NEW.

As of right now it feels like I’m playing an inferior version of a gears of war game with worse mechanics and a bunch of locked content.

Same weapons, same maps. For gods sake this game is as stale as a pretzel that’s been dropped out of the bag and left in the cabinet for 3 years. We now have ZERO loadout selection.

Stop removing ways to play and if you do, replace it with different content! I’m losing my mind over here with TCs terrible decisions and lack of creative vision. Also this community tends to get in the way ALOT.

EDIT: Smoke grenades are not being removed permanently. It’s being “re-evaluated”


TC cant balance the weapons thats why


It’s weird how people praise Gears 1 & 2 for their lack of loadout choices.

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1550896512918 I miss the Gears 3 days when we had weapon loadout variety. Even Judgement had 7 weapons to choose from that you can start with


If you’re using that as some sort of point it’s not a good one. Gears 1 was of course the 1st game of series so obviously it was simple, 2 introduced more weapons and they added the Hammerburst as a 2nd rifle choice so that can add more weapon pick up choices.

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Well yes, I was just pointing out the irony.

But in the same breath I feel there’s a balance. Give out loadouts in all of the quickplay modes, FFA, KOTH + TDM playlist–but restrict to the Lancer and Gnasher + Smoke in ALL Ranked modes, so it’s a more equal test of skill.

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I personally don’t feel this is a fair critique.
I feel that many of the weapons feel better and more distinct in Gears 5 than they did in Gears 4. With the only real exception being the utterly worthless Markza.

TC literally said the reason they removed the Hammerburst in 4 was because they couldnt balance it right


No thanks dude.
At least in ranked it should be an even playing field. G1 and g2 had this right.
Load out “strategy” is for other games imo.


“The removal of Flashbangs as a loadout option, standard reload mechanics returning to the Gnasher”

THANK GOD TC!! Finally you are taking good decisions!!! Hate that you cannot shoot when someone throws at you that grenade which everyone uses to push!! People have to learn to push with abilities and strategies, not using a grenade that won’t let the other ones shoot or defend themselves.
And the reload thing, excellent!!


GOW is supposed to be an arena shooter. There should be no such thing as loadout options.


Loadout options would be nice, I agree. Thing is, hammerburst, the other weapon that’s supposed to be a loadout option, is SIGNIFICANTLY better than lancer. They would need to balance accordingly. People are so quick to complain about things that it seems TC has no choice but to just simply limit our starting loadout. I loved being able to choose between hammerburst/lancer and gnasher/sawed-off in Judgement. But, people complain about the sawed-off being too strong, so it got neutered into uselessness.

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Koth is about to become very tedious.

When a stack are setup on a ring, the only decent option to push is being removed…

tugs collar


Smoke does the same thing plus blinds the person that it is thrown at plus marked target can be seen through smoke.

Why is it all you so call pros and masters at this game cant change your strategy to deal with something new.

The flash grenades do nothing but flash if you dodge away from them when they hit. The gnasher has the same damage output all the time which is just as good as the previous active reload damage. If you can’t get 5 kills in six shots with a very generous early reload of half the shells if you miss some for a total of 9 shots then maybe you need to work on your shotgun game.

Stop blaming TC for your shortcomings and change your strategy to counter what the game throws at you. You have a flash grenade too.

The reason people don’t stay is because it just ends up the same as the previous games and only a handful of people like the way it used to be. I for one am tired of playing the same game all the time and if they remove these things I will most likely not go buy a copy when my gamepass subscription runs out next month.

I personally don’t use flash grenades but they do make the matches play out much differently than in previous titles. It makes the game more fun and balanced for every player when you don’t have that one guy that kills everything because he reloads his shotgun every 5 seconds so he does just enough more damage for him to score more points.

I’m sorry but the active reload was ruined by gears 4 when the let everybody do it every 15 or 20 seconds. The way it is now works just fine and anyone that thinks differently should really look at their own play style before they place blame where it is not warranted.


There shouldn’t be loadout options in the first place.

Lancer, Gnasher, Snub, Smoke.

That’s the only option there should be.


Why? Is it really that fun for you after 13 years of using the same exact 2 weapons? That’s a really long time. I played the ever living hell out of this series, and I’m tired of the same 2 weapons and lack of variety in how engagements and matches play out. It is the main reason why this game isn’t fun for me anymore.

Then add on top all the same maps. Over. And over. And over again. No wonder this game has such an incredibly low population.

The game is supposed to be fun first and foremost. This is boring.

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This could be solved with better hill placement that avoids enclosed areas.

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I agree with having options, gears three did it best even though a couple of the weapons weren’t very popular, it was still fun to run around with the retro and then switch it up to the hammer and then switch it back to the Lancer. Back then it was all about learning to counter, when you saw somebody was running around with the sawed off you adjusted your game accordingly.

You can’t balance every weapon as a starter. I much rather have more powerful options as pickups than unbalanced options as starters.

Literally not a single instance of the Hammerburst has ever been balanced as a starter. Every single game it was overpowered at some point. Not even Gears 1/UE was it balanced against Lancer, but at least in that game it was a pickup so it wasn’t actually a problem.

Like, is it REALLY that big of a deal that you have to go pick up the weapon? No it isn’t. It never was, it was just people saying “I want this” without actually considering how that affects the game. Variety is good until it starts to negatively impact the experience.

Not to mention, less is more. We don’t need 10 version of what is basically the same weapon. It adds nothing of value to the game just creates clutter and balance issues.


Jesus Christ

Right that’s it if you kids can’t play nice no-one gets anything, everyone starts in the middle of the map empty handed. EVERYTHING is a pickup around the edges of the maps an ya can’t even melee till ya pick up a boxing glove :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: