Stop putting randoms against full squads

Cant believe i still have to say this but For the love of god can you change this … Its a complete waste of a match every 60% of the time it’s a beatdown… How fair is it to match up a complete strangers… 1 d2 … 3 golds facin a. Coordinated unit stack of people who obviously play together before … 1 d2… Two d1s an a silver with the same gamer tag clan tag 4 stack… Horrible waste of time


tc too scard to do it based on their data when if they made solo/duo seperated from stacks more people would queue up (like me) in games modes like KoTH. Games from their small points have always seperated solo/duo from stack play yet TC thinks its important for matchmaking health.

Imagine so much solo talent coming from solo Q if they made solo/duo match making ranked for all a mode like KOTH. You’d meet up with the same people and go “oh its that good player again” instead of “oh its that stack guess we lost”. Up and coming talent is breed through solo talent spotlight, and stacking doesn’t show that at all.

Im stuck playing team deathmatch because I cant even find a KOTH game on PC due to everyone stacking so no room for even 1 player on the team apparently.

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Not only that they are facing me against stacks of. 4. But they are also Last operation masters 3-4 masters! an give me teams of kids who cant even reach onyx

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one thing ive noticed a lot about masters players is a lot of them lack the mechanics to be a masters players, as stacking gets rid of the need for solo skill. or just did ffa masters cuz that is easy to get masters tbh lol.

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Even if my team wins a round … 5 outve 10 matches a guy is actively throwing the match on my team… Its like hey look im winning let me afk for no reason… Basically a huge waste of time … Deathmatch is a waste of time too its not that hard for ppl to queue up the same time as their buddy an get on the same team… population is really that low?? game is. Soo broken

When you’re a solo player against a full team of sweats with coms. Shouldn’t be allowed at all. Should be KOTH without parties. Why should you play against a 4 man team with coms that just sweat? No wonder people leave and I dont blame them

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Game is so backwards if anything koth should be duos an tdm full squads… 4v4 koth is still chaotic if you are playin a coordinated team that can lazer


koth should be SOLO or duos not a full team. TC make a separate lobby of KOTH if you want teams to play. Aint fair one bit

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Once you see the (A) squad u already know its gonna be sweaty… Game is literally only fun when you are facing randoms in solo queue

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Part of the frustration I get is that if you play the game, even occassionally, and solo que you will notice how many times you run into organized stacks.

This leads me to believe that TC doesnt take the solo experience seriously . At the end of gears 4 life they actually made solos less likely to play groups of stacks. So they clearly know how to resolve this.

Out of the 3 games ive played today. 2 were against a full man team. Cba with this ■■■■ game anymore seriously

I still don’t see why people cry over playing against full stacks , full stacks doesn’t equate to win, separating matchmaking queues will make games take longer , for ranked games some people create posts and look for other players to play with , even playing solo you can use mic with others and your skill to pull off wins


after koth 4v4, next up we are getting max party size of 2.



5v5 or 4v4 no difference.

But you take a risk going solo.

At least you get extra gp as a solo player.

You can level up in 2-3 wins solo in diamond tier so that’s huge.

I played a stack recently & actually won.

Then again sometimes I lose if I have a bad 4th.

I’ve been more tempted to solo due to the additional gp just for being a solo player, win or lose, you get extra gp.

I’d say solo players have it real good right now.

Besides you’re choosing to be solo.

@XJ9lol a lot of master players just mess around once they hit masters. That’s what I did. People expect to be godly carried but hey, I already grinded now it’s your turn. Like once you breached the top why try so hard every match for the next 40 weeks? Just cruise & enjoy the game at that point.

But people mistaken that as “being bad” when in reality master players don’t have that incentive to be god like unless they’re playing with friends.

I mean I don’t try hard when I’m solo because I expect all the BS associated as a solo player.

But when I’m squaded I try for my friends & if I have good teammates I’ll just cruise it. Like when @GhostofDelta2 & his gang carried me the other day. Didn’t have to try hard because they pretty much handled everything & were on point.


No…just no…its like you have to concept of this game at all.

I’ve won with stacks and solos. I’ve lost against solos and stacks.
I’ve been put with people who know what they are doing and people who have no business playing this game.

I’ve been shut out by both groups before and I’ve shut out both.


Oh my God… It’s almost like the problem had nothing to do with the maximum number of players in a match that has been consistent since Gears of War 2 for more than a decade. Who would have guessed?

Their inability to actually code their matchmaking early on as to not screw over smaller parties by constantly matching them against larger parties was and still is the problem. Maybe if this would’ve been implemented within the first six months of release their player-base wouldn’t have dwindled to what it is now. A state that they are unwilling to communicate with because such transparency would shine a light on this particular failure.

Mind you I’ve played ranked almost exclusively as a solo or duo and I’ve been against the player reduction to 4v4 when they were playing with the idea. I’d love to see the all the feedback that they were using to make such a change. Unfortunately they won’t show as that either. Rather, they will throw up a developer playlist that they have every intention of implementing regardless of the feedback they receive. If they were truly interested in such an approach they would have small tweaks in the playlist to slowly mold the competitive experience into what the players want… not large swaths of changes that impact every facet of the experience.

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Oh yeah bruv. I carried hard as a ■■■■■■■■■■■■. You’re welcome :sunglasses:


You already get 250 GP a game by going solo. Theres really not much more they can do to help yall at this point.

For me its a breeze this season now that the GP tweaked. I dont even wanna say its more fair. Because right now there’s little incentive to squad up.

My advice in KOTH if your team is just absolutely bombing against a stack, just F your teammates and go get your own elims. Hopefully with the added bonus youll break even.

Most stacks are made up of PC players or have a at least a few. At least all the actual good ones do. Most people who stack on Xbox using LFG suck. So just turn ranked crossplay off.

Or you can just invite people into party chat after the game has already started, still earning you the bonus.


Just play ranked free for all if you keep getting stacks.

I’ll do koth and alternate between that and ffa if I get a lot of stacks.

Or just do gnasher 2v2 it’s pretty dope to kill time on once in a while.

I think what you’re asking for is too much work to constantly pair teams of with each other.

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This is exactly what made me quit KOTH. I got up to diamond 1 and couldn’t get any further because of ■■■■■■ sweaty squads. So I got masters in FFA. Deffo try FFA.

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