Stop putting me into THE SAME COOP GAME, over and over, TC!

Seriously, stop putting me into the same bloody game, over and over! There arw reasons why i left it, right?

Are there REALLY no other bots to play with?

I think my record is something like 5… Thats five times i get put into the same coop game…

And why are you putting me into games 3 servers away??
On another continent… Theae are bots… I will take a game close to me, thank you very much…

Yes, my matchmaking preference is lower ping…


As the setting says, that’s only for ranked. Quickplay ignores region and ping and just throws you into the first match it finds.

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Coop vs ai has been getting worse. Every match lately there has been some wifi warrior causing half second delays on everything one does, in addition to, judging by pings, being placed on america servers.

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That is why I play PvP in Gears of War 4.
PvP and Versus A.I. is pretty bad in Gears 5.
The A.I. soldiers and monsters and robots are much better in Gears of War 4 than in Gears 5.


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Where did you read that it’s only for Ranked?

I also only noticed it specifically in Coop Vs. AI where I’m put into high latency servers (even though I’m 100% sure there’s servers around Europe). Any other Quickplay mode put me into a low-latency server every time.

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I put 1 and 1 together. The first option is only for ranked and since lower ping has no influence on QP it’s safe to assume that it is ranked only, since it works 100% of the time there.
Whenever I search for a ranked match I have to wait between 2:50 and 2:54 minutes and the game will then put me into a game with a ping of 1 while everyone else is anywhere from 20-400.