Stop pairing "premades" vs "solo players"

Stop pairing “premades” vs “solo players”.

If you want play on a premade of 3-4 people then “Accept” that will take you 5 to 7 minutes + to find a game. Is the price you have to pay to have almost a full team.

  • Solo & Duos should be paired togheter by matchmaking. "Under no circumstance you place a Solo player vs a “trio” “quad” “quintet”.

  • Twin Duos & Trios

  • Trios & Quads. The trio should have two players with “Higher-rank”.

  • Quads & quintet. The quad should have a player with “Higher-Rank”

So you are facing a “Quad average gold-team” the “Trio” will receive 2 onyx players to compensate. The “quad” will receive another Gold-player.

I understand the goal but I think there is just too much stipulation here that would cause excessive matchmaking times.

I’m guessing TC will be watching how the new TDM goes to see how limiting to ‘ones and twos’ affects the ranked experience and If people are ok without a full team ranked option, in TDM at least.