Stop living in the past people. Gears 5 is great

Gears 5 can use some work and I’m sure it will since it’s only been out 2 weeks now. But the people saying this is the worst gears I have played since gears 1 and blah blah blah needs to stop. I have also played every gears since gears 1 and I loved that game very much but it’s all nostalgic that gets people. Everyone was younger and it was the first game of a new series and the graphics were the best around at that time. Times were different and it’s the nostalgia that hits people. In 2019 games have seen it all and have amazing graphics so it’s hard to impress now days with gaming. So it’s very unfair to say gears 5 is worst and doesn’t compare to gears 1 and 2. When truth is if you go back to gears 1 and 2 now they play very stiff and very outdated and overall not very good. Like I said it’s all nostalgic is what everyone hangs on too and I don’t think that’s fair. Don’t blame current day games problems because you can’t let go of memories. I do however realize the game has some weapon issues and hit detection issues that need to be fixed. Also waiting 3 months for maps is dangerous as it could draw people away if new content is here in a month or two. They should maybe rethink to adding new maps every 2 months. This is only my opinion however.


Lol you have 0 idea what you’re talking about. Nobody wants gameplay to be like gears 1 or gears 2. We want SMOOTHER and RELIABLE movement and other aspects because as you probably don’t know, they confirmed they slowered it.

Sure you played gears since the first, but you’re probably the one who plays quick tdm all day long. Think before you talk


It’s called change bud adapt or move on simple as that gets. Just like life my man. People complain about every dam thing they don’t like. When in reality this is smoothest and best looking gears we have got. I know it has problems but people need to learn to adapt or move on to another game. Just like every gears game has felt different from one another this one is no different.

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Graphics etc…I dont care. The weapons fire bullets that heat seeking missiles. This is horrible for competitive play. The thing that made gears fascinating to me (the movement, being able to clutch 1 v 5 because you punished poor play) is removed from my favorite game mode because absurd aim assist.

Im glad you like it. I never played judgement so this is absolutely the worst gears multiplayer experience I’ve had across any of the games.

Oh, and before someone goes there : I dominate a good 90% of the matches I play, the game just isnt fun.


It’s like you guys want to change this game into what you want and how you remember other game in the series. Well news flash those games were already made and still exist so you have every right to go play them.


Change just for the sake of change isn’t good. Change to cater to the least common denominator is even worse.


i agree with you, these people that cant grasp the new game are just trolling cause they cant adapt


Understood but people want to make this game like other games in the series when those games already exist and still function.

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Why not make the fifth game in the series like the previous 4?

I dont buy PES and expect an arcade game like Fifa. Thats not why i play pes. I dont buy guilty to expect a street fighter like experience. Thats not why I play guilty.

I dont play gears to play a generic third person shooter, thats what its become.


Trick to adopting: Bot walk, LT aim, camp with lancer. Easy. Low skill requirements. NOT FUN.


ive played since gears 1 and agree with U Gonna Get Got

So in other words you want gears 5 just like gears 4 but with different maps and weapons?

No, I want gears 5 to have the core of what made gears of war multiplayer fun. I want the improvements to improve that formula, not make it “inclusive” so people can feel satisfied.
“Often times new players are killed and are left wondering what just happened” so we changed the game to make it easier for those players. BS


so if gears 5 adapting is so easy can we see your stats?

Ok let me ask you this. Why was gears 4 hated on so so much from the day it launched for 3 years until gears 5 game out. It was trashed talked everyday on these forums and hated on as the worst gears yet. Now gears 5 is out and gears 4 is a great game? Can you answer that? By the way I love gears 4 and have like 2 months play time in versus in that game.


You bet.

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You are absolutely right. I was in these forums and on reddit the first year Gears 4 came out, and you’d think the game was endorsing pedophilia with the degree of hate and rage it was non-stop met with. I come here now, and you’d think 4 was the peak of the series with how people gush. It’s short-memory, low attention-span hive-think. Whatever is happening right now sucks worse than anything ever, and whatever came before it is better. We’ll see the same thing when gears six drops, I’m sure.


You’re being dishonest if you’re proposing the amount of flack 4 got is anywhere near what 5 is getting.

The complaints around 4 mostly centered around hit detection and delays.

5 increased the delays from 4 (which increased the delays from 3) and made everyone an aimbot.

Gears 4 is very much a core gears experience, 5 not so much.


If you don’t think gears 4 got that much hate then you must be new here.


You have selectively memory of you truly believe that. I remember this forum very distinctly, and the flak four got was comparable, if not worse.