Stop leaving horde or escape matches!

It would appear all these noobs don’t go on the forums or read news but if anyone here is new and actually reads this who happens to quit ironman master/inconceivable Escape stop freaking leaving after 1 death, ironman now lets you restart the match but once u die u cant respawn in a pod. So stop leaving damn noobs. Thank you.

They need to add a penalty for people who quit in the middle of these matches. PvE modes on Incon or master requires all hands on deck and when one person leaves, everything goes to ■■■■. Also, I mean no disrespect to new players but If you know that you can’t handle the harder modes, then just don’t try them.


The problem with adding a penalty for leaving those is if failures happen for a long time (over an hour for instance) and someone has to go, they will be punished for that. I would rather not be forced to stay for hours on end with braindead idiots that can’t possibly beat the map.


To be honest, if they’re all noobs as the OP describes, then I’m probably happier if they left. :wink:

But on a more serious note though, sometimes you just don’t want to perservere and keep trying. You may have had a few attempts already, failed and restarted from a checkpoint, but by that point noticed something that makes you want to leave. It could be that you feel your team mates just aren’t good enough, or you feel like they’re not contributing and frankly you don’t want to carry them. Could be lots of reasons really.

Absolutely that is what makes me frustrated. First these low level players join the hardest game mode, but then after having to wait 5 minutes every time for a stupid escape map to start they sometimes leave in the course of a minute or as soon as they die? Like do they expect it to be easy? I just don’t understand what the thought process of these people are.

I get that doing higher difficulty gets u more xp but at least don’t cause inconveniences to other people if you know you can’t do it .

No punishments please. While I do really understand the frustration, there’s a wide range of reasons why people leave. It can be because the Marksman thought the Fabricator should have been moved 2 millimetres to the left, but also because there are just complete idiots or just awful people playing the game. Don’t expect me to stay in a game if I am Mechanic and at the start of the game and before I’m able to buy something a Veteran buys a Barrier and starts upgrading it. Or a Demolition having a Weapon Locker with Boomshots and a Pilot that decides to use those Boomshots. The other day I was a Robotics engineer and some guy thought it was funny to just throw my EMBAR away. Don’t force people to stick with such people for over an hour in games that will probably fail anyway, Don’t penalise them for not wanting to deal with those people.

Frankly, the issue has already been largely solved with the ability to make your own public games. This wasn’t possible in Gears 4 and a huge source of frustration, where I was at the point where me and my mate were always Engineer and Scout because at least we knew we’d be able to carry the team to the end. Now, if someone leaves another person can join. The host can decide when someone’s out of line of just terrible at their job and kick that person. I’ve rarely had a problem with people leaving in Horde and not finish the game (whether by failing or succeeding) with a team of five. I’ve had times we were down to three people, but those spots were always filled within a couple of waves. Usually within two waves. You’ll never be able to stop noobs and fools, but you can create a system that allows you to filter them out (including the showing of reups and class level, although the current XP boosts do make this more difficult). In my opinion, at the moment the system works fine.