Stop kicking people from horde games for playing brawler/cole

It’s in the title. Stop kicking people who want to play something that doesnt involve boomshots or aimbots just because you’re ignorant to what the kit is capable of. The brawler is capable of a whole hell of a lot more than just running around punching things, so maybe next time you have one in your game that’s level 18+ you should stop and think that maybe they know something you dont


You can outdamage Marcus+ Fahz?

And if you don’t wanna get kicked host your own lobby.


My lobby names have been no Cole since operation started. If you join my lobby as brawler I will kick you

The kit may be good in a capable persons hands but the typical randoms I meet are absolute trash so I don’t waste my time. Unless I know you I don’t allow Cole in horde


I agree it’s silly. It’s not like you’re not going to get bad randoms in any other class. I give every class a chance besides the promotional ones. Yes some random brawlers are terrible, but heck so are the Engineers, veterans, infiltrators, demolitions, Gunners, Pilots, etc. it’s not the class that’s the problem it’s the randoms not understanding/ not caring. Give the brawlers a chance just like any other class. And yes brawlers can do crazy damage. Just tried with @Hu1k_Daddy guide. It’s fantastic.


It is literally the title of my lobby. If you join my lobby and don’t switch I’m going to kick you just for the fact that you are too dumb to read

I also agree that randoms can be bad at any class but some classes are easier than others. And it depends on what my other people are I the game. I don’t care about meta characters. As long as there is a boss killer in the game the other characters can be almost anyone else. I won’t play with Emile, grace and most of the time Cole. I’ve seen too many Cole run out wave after wave and die instantly every time.

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Its simple, just host your own lobby, if someone doesn’t want a brawler in their match you can except that and change class or leave and make your own.

I agree that if they don’t read the title then that’s what they get. I always say deposit and I say “Know role” or Lvl16+ or something. They follow don’t they get kicked. But I just don’t agree singling out specific classes. I hate infiltrators, for me they run out in middle all the time and are the worst culprits of it. I still let them in because I have also had great ones too.

Even if I don’t agree I still follow that hosts rules too when joining a game.

In the end it just means we are different types of hosts. That’s all.

So I can’t join you?

Man that’s a shame. Maybe if people played it like my guide suggested then they wouldn’t die so much.

Yea, Brawler pretty much all I play.


@Sable_Collie thanks again. :smiley:


Hey man,

Lead them to the guide I put up. Maybe that will help keep from dying all the time.


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Yup! I was doing all the damage and only died once. From my own scorcher lol. There was a warning there that I failed head and well I was toast but so was everything else. :slight_smile:

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Although I don’t know you from playing, if your gamertag is hulk Daddy I would let you play him based on knowing you from the forum. Back whe Fahz wasn’t very good at all SirXmathX joined my lobby and I recognized him from eacape leaderboards and I let him play fahz

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Haha yea,

I told you. Gotta watch out with the scorcher with the Brawler, I’ve killed myself many times as well. Strong weapon but hella dangerous.

@Quantum_Hulk yea it’s the same as it is here. But I try to be a decent player well enough I suppose. Would actually like to play with you with me as Brawler so you can see first hand how good it is.

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I could set up the lobby in a few hours. Both you and @Quantum_Hulk are invited! I would love to see you play guys play! I never get to see any one from these forums.

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I think it depends on the difficulty. If the game wasn’t so reliant on an engineer and Jack at Master 50 wave well then I think that would open more people up to other classes. As it is that leaves you three people to get the job done. When I’m sat for over 2 hours and I want to master a map, like right now when they first drop I’m not taking too many risk.

Frenzy is better in this regard, you’re not so reliant on having a jack and so more open to carrying a class you normally wouldn’t.

Ah thanks Sable,

Well if my son lets me I’m down. After this fun Jack event I’d really be down for doing a Bladmaster run on Master also.

Just seeing all the lighting would be insane. Be like Thor himself flew down to wreck everything.

But any who, what time you thinking? I’m EST myself so it’s currently 2:24pm for me.

I hear you man,

Got all the new maps Mastered, but regency. Omg man that map is hard. I had to call in the troops on that one.

But if you need help getting any done, let me know-maybe I can help.


Well I can hop on now,

For a quick Frenzy Master run. Couldn’t do a 50 run right now though, wouldn’t have the time.

Also my GT is the same as it is here if you wanna hit me up.

I have only done Clocktower and Nexus so far. I have a week from now so hopefully I can get the other 3 done and move on to frenzy. I want to make OP5 about escape so trying to get them done :slight_smile: Thanks for the offer I’m sure I will take you up on that.

Edit where did you set up on regency? I joined a game last night and they had set outside with no cover at all for the jack so I decided not to stay.

I’ll be on around 7pm EST which is ~4.5 hours from now. I would like to meet some new horde players since most of my friends left gears. Mostly just join lobbies or host solo

Added both you and @Hu1k_Daddy. Maybe we can set something up for the weekend

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I’m not liking all these new lvl 12 Brawlers mucking up the daily hive in Masters one bit. I’m Paduk/Nomad and I need to get me executions for my plan to work. They’re also not helping when they jump in front of me to execute the drones I stun. I also would like an ammo box or two, after all better it go to my boltok and gnasher/longshot than the Brawlers’ hammerbursts. Had a couple terrible games with guys like these before I finally got a match with a couple lvl 18s who knew what they’re doing. Actually, I play nomad often, and lately Brawler/Cole, (even good/high level ones) have just been more like a thorn in my side. If I were host, I would kick 'em lol.