Stop it now please

The lack of restrictions on advanced, master and elite multiplayer means more ■■■■■■■ noobs keep joining/quitting. It’s killing my enjoyment of the game. Sort it out


Theres a kick player option if you deem the player not good enough to stay.


Set up and host private lobbies. That’ll give you all the power you need to kick players for whatever reason you want (choice of class, low reup, low class level, if you recognise their gamertag and had a bad experience, etc etc).

I personally also block players too. Bear in mind this doesn’t properly block them in terms of gameplay - it just blocks communications from them, they can’t add you or invite you etc. They can still enter your lobbies. But I treat it as putting a marker on them so I know they’re blocked. When I host games or go into other people’s lobbies I always check their gamertags. If they’re on my block list, I’ll kick them (if I’m host) or leave (if the player is the host).

My personal experience (and that of many other players) is that things like low class-level, reups etc, aren’t always good indicators of player ability. I’ve played with people who are totally maxed and they are truly terrible. I’ve also played with people who are of much lower level, reup etc, and they’ve been considerably better than the higher levelled players.


Unless you’re @WarmJewel54743, in which case you don’t even need to press anything. Just close your eyes, imagine the peasant evicted et viola.


You cant kick people from pugs though.
No one enjoys having to wait over 10 minutes for an inconceivable escape match only to be greeted by some random reup 5, who clearly has no business being there with that experience/skilllevel and/or build, that manages to completely sabotage the run. Neither does anyone benefit from it.

Iirc in the older GoWs they limited the difficulty in campaign where you couldnt play the campaign on the highest difficulty before completing the campaign at least once on at least normal or higher. Really a dumb decision to not have any form of restrictions like that in an online co-op gamemode.

Also when you kick someone from your game/lobby theres absolutely nothing stopping them from just rejoining.

We had a Blademaster yesterday who not only refused to grab the Mace when we dropped it right in front of him, but he insisted on using a Mulcher almost the whole match. He was max Reup. Truly one of the dumbest, most clueless players I’ve ever seen. So you’re exactly right, don’t pay too much attention to Reup.

Man you know nothing about BM

Mulcher BM is the meta and it the most OP thing ever.

Obvious joke is obvious but hey, gotta cover my ■■■.

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Hahaha my best friend said that, “Oh he must have that new mulcher card on.” I revived him twice using my Ult as combat medic in a single wave and the third time I was like well, he’s cross map down again, so… oh well.

…or you could simply accept it and start yelling, shouting, banging the table and smashing things calling them a bunch of ■■■■■■■ inbreds in a glaswegian accent like someone I know… :smirk:


Once you get Blademaster to level 21 you get the Mulcher Mastery card, earning 120% extra Mulcher Damage.

I’m planning on doing that to my Blademaster as soon as I get my Architect to level 21 to unlock their 5th perk - 100% faster weapon locker reload once perked to level 10.


A very effective method!

Well said.

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At Level 22, there is a card that lets heavy weapons do bleed damage. So between Tri-Shot and Mulcher, Mulcher fires more bullets which equals more bleed damage. You heard it here first. And since Blademaster has bleed perk and On the Flank works with bleed, it is further amplified.

Slightly fixed it for you :wink:


Its insulting that you didnt include the brutal cryo cannon card, very essential to BMs damage dealing.