Stop Flanderising The Carmines and Making Them One Big Joke

In Gears 1 Anthony wasn’t a bumbling buffoon, he had a few funny lines but he was voiced pretty seriously, I’ve noticed a trend that with every gears game Anthony inherits a view of Ben’s lines and now in Gears 4 him and Ben are interchanged as if they are the same person with a high-pitched annoying voice and Clayton has taken on the more serious role. Please consider reworking the dialogue and having Michael Gough go back to his Gears 1 roots when voicing Anthony, leave the sniveling pathetic little brother stuff for Benjamin.

Here is Gears 1 Anthony

Gears 2 Benjamin

Gears 3 Clayton, notice most of his lines are Anthony’s more serious ones from Gears 1

Here is Gears 4 where they pretty-much combine them both into one character.

As someone who has played as Anthony Carmine since 2006 it’s a shame to see what a joke he’s become and honestly it hurts to play as him sometimes in Gears 4 when a cringy Ben sounding line comes out of his mouth, please take his characterization more seriously.

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Stupid sexy Flanders

More appropriate.


if you think that’s bad then i wonder how you feel about ben having a line literally acknowledging that he died at the start of a match where he can say “please dont let me die…again” i feel like anthony and ben are jokes because they never lasted past a couple chapters so outside of vs lines you dont get to know much about them personally other than ben is the youngest and anthony was voted most likely to get shot with that last bit of information i feel anthony was 100% meant as a joke i mean his last words were him complaining about his gun jamming which in gears 4 i like that that is actually a dialogue line for when you fail a reload

also gears 4 characters are all less serious and more “quirky” than previous characters so there’s that

The video you posted showcasing Anthony and Ben’s dialogue in Gears 4 is dated. They already have unique dialogue for the most part. Sure, improvements are needed, but their lines are more separate. For example, whatever Ben lines they gave to Anthony are exclusively used by the latter, but is done in a subtle manner, save for two of his jam quotes. Play as Ben Carmine for a few games to see what I mean.

Clayton Carmine doesn’t share ANY dialogue from Gears 1 Anthony. If he says something that Anthony said, it was re-voiced.

Holy ****, I just looked at that Clayton video. That’s all the Carmine voices rolled into one, which wasn’t even in Gears 3.

Freaking love that line. Way better than that DNA crap they used. I always thought of MP as a simulation, and Dodgeball and Horde strongly hints to that, with characters having dialogue for respawning teammates. Griffin says something like “Stop f-ing (actually swears) dying!”

By the way, the Carmines ARE a joke. Their name is a shade of red, meant to compare them to redshirts (from Star Trek, I think?). Look at Clayton Carmine in Gears 3. He’s always almost dying. We have the less popular redshirts, like Gyules and Rojas.

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