Stop eliminations please n give us a war journal

I am tired of the participation awarded kill for an assist. I would like to see my assist points based off the damage I did. And I dont want 10 eliminations for 5 kills because I hit one Lancer on a kid who got bodied. This is gears its not a pillow soft community. Give us honest K/Ds and maybe a war journal. I’d like to see which ribbons I havent got. Becuase there is no point to them if you cant see what you’ve collected and what to get. The war journal of 4 was fine. Show me all my stats in a simple way.


This would be nice

I miss finishing matches with more downs than kills.


Really! I miss actually seeing the points generated by support

Don’t know if that counts when you purposely don’t kill your downs…

lmao I hate when people don’t take my kills.


Keep it the way it is. Less k/d arguments and people making stupid decisions based on it


I’ve always found the whole “Eliminations” idea to be weak.

As for War Journal, it’s been disrespected just as much as the Curb Stomp. Heresy of the highest order.


Have to admit that I use the system to my advantage. I hate PVP so I only play co-op for my dailies… and when I get one of the “get 75 eliminations in Versus” I simply hope for a KOTH match on Blooddrive, Clocktower, Gridlock or any small map that I can camp in the middle and spray my lancer at anything that moves. Ending a match with maybe a kill or two and 50 eliminations makes me smile.

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One of my biggest complaints in pvp over the years was teammates running up and kill stealing your downs (especially if you were right beside the guy) so in that aspect I appreciate eliminations. However I do agree that it shouldn’t count by the “because you got a single shot in” approach I think it should be based on a damage delt approach were as you get the kill only if you’ve done something like 75-80% of the main damage and anything else is just an assist.

With regards to the war journal I’m with you it was much better done in previous games but unfortunately with act 2 & 3 being “sandbox” by design it’s hard to say you missed the “x” component between this part and that part because there’s no specific way to have to complete those acts per sae. The only way they could list them is by telling you hey theres 1 component at the derrick site and there’s 2 over by the condor crash site which at that point it’s no longer a seek and find it’s basically just another go here get this type situation which would negate the whole explore and find approach. At least with collectibles it’s like your missing the second one in this act/chapter but it was somewhere between this one that you found and that one that you found. For this and a few other reasons is why I’d like to see Gears 6 revert back to it’s linear story progression approach.

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I read Hennessey for some reason, guess I know what I’m having after work

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Haha, good man :+1:

i can see the argument for something other than elims but not for a revert to how it was. elims are much better than just kills in my opinion.

it is a bit ridiculous how one bullet can equal one elim but in this game, any little bit of damage does make the difference

those couple of pellets/bullets will make the guy get chunked from further, make him one hit, etc.

i cant tell you how many times i have barely hit an opponent but i notice that without it, my teammate would have 99% him and gotten killed. the difference, as ridiculous as it might be, was my little bit of damage

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Thats kind of true. No matter how you look at it, you effectively contributed to the elim.


this is what happened because everyone cried about you stole my kill


@SnubbS steals my kills

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I’m not stealing them, I’m redistributing them.

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Seeing Marx next to Proudhon triggers me.

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Stop bum rushing four people then.