Stop bringing in crappy old PvP maps

Petition to have gears 6 stop pandering and putting in terrible PvP maps like blood drive and clocktower where one side of it constantly dominates. Blood drive may be the worst PvP maps in any video game yet people still vote for it because of nostalgia


I think this phrase will get the thread locked very quick
suggest changing it to something more constructive
I made a thread similar to this if you’re interested in peoples opinions

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It’s definitely not that fun of a map to play anymore.

I liked it a lot for execution but the newer modes are not suited for it.


Very true…

Also some of TCs ideas/changes were for the worst, especially for guardian. They had 2 attemps at it and its still not right even though it was perfect in gears 3.

Gears 3 guardian was mostly played using tactics and skill, where as this one is just bum rush the leader and hope for a kill.

1 frag tag and seeing nades with tac com is a joke, its very rarely ill die from a frag tag in gears 5, more chance of me killing a dumb team mate when im trying to shoot it and there almost pointless now compared to previous games.

Lets hope OP6 brings some “new” new maps and not some new remakes that TC have already touched.

The whole porting from gears 4 is annoying in general. Yes granted I like a few but we want fresh maps or at least older gears 1-3 maps remastered.

Played some of these maps far too much on gears 4 :rofl:

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Gears Judgement Blood drive was brilliant. It would be better for horde too.

I would be happy to never see River or Checkout ever again over Blood Drive and Clocktower. But I’m different, I want and prefer non symmetrical maps like Judgements over what we get now. Even if they weren’t in ranked I’d rather play Streets and Gondola to add some variety.


Might sound like a broken record but they should just port all GOW4 maps to 5 since that doesn’t take too much effort and we will get more maps to play. Then they can work on new maps or maps from the trilogy that haven’t made it.

Worst PvP map? Lol.

Pahanu? Gear 4 original forge? Glory? I’d rather play blood drive than Bullet Marsh, Fallout, flood, overpass, rustlung, static, a lot of other maps.

Voted for nostalgia may be right if it only last for a month. But it has been voted for consistently for the past 5 years now so idk about that.

What maps should the add for OP6? Hopefully Jacinto makes its way back. If they follow the same OP5 formula, 2 new maps, 1 remake (Jacinto) and 2 ports, the ports will prolly be mercy and old town or impact.

You better watch your back lol, saying anything good about Judgement is a punishable offense on here.

only thing that is acceptable is a Gears 1/3 circlejerk followed by a “Gears X (any new Gears game) is trash”

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You mean Stasis btw

Every time people say they want dark maps I always bring up that map :joy_cat:

I think it would be best to make all or most of the old maps. It’s good to pander. That’s how you get people to play your game. When you release your game with only a few maps nobody wants to play it. Duh. Gears 2 launched with a flashback map pack. Good stuff. They can even redesign old maps to suit new gameplay. Lots to go off. Create new maps for new modes maybe, too.

Both forge and pahanu are light years better than blood drive grab the sniper then camp the stairs for the win because there’s no way to get up there. At any point any team can just sit up there

Ah yes. Stasis. I remember not a whole lotta people liking that map back in the day