Stop banming me.because your servers kick me out

Hey ik TC are useless and all not making myou be able 2.pick which server like every other game. But I am sick of getting banned because your servers decide 2 kick me out the game before the game starts in 2v2 gnashers happend 3 times already bren banned 15mins each time. Like pls ik all you care about is money from crates this late into GOW4 so you dont care about how bad matchmaking,lag, and all EU players begging 2 be able 2 search on EU servers only. If i get perm banned when i legit never quit from ranked even when its 3v5.
I will say bye 2 this trash game that you have actually made worse since release… Weird seems 2 happen with allot of Gears games so hopefully people will buy GoW5? For better gameplay experince? Yeah… cool marketting but with how bad GoW4 I aint even going 2 pre-order GoW5 going 2 actually see if its actually worth spending my money on… Sad really because I have pre-orded every gears game since 2. But GoW4 actually became a jk now and only way you can play a decent match on EU servers is private with 9 other Eu players… lol. So trash

But yes stop banning me I never quit. I buy your game 2 play I own it how can you ban me for not even quitting out but your servers kicking me… lol

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