Stop asking me if I want to rejoin the match!

If I chose “quit to menu,” why the hell would I want to rejoin that match?!

The last thing I want to do is go through the process to find another match, only to accidentally rejoin the match that I left because this stupid notification popped up between menu selections.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that while the “quit to menu” bug is a thing, my complaint is about all the times before this bug actually existed. I am not going to waste my time playing a ranked match with less than a full team.

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Well that quit to menu option isn’t suppose to be there anyway. It’s bug when playing ranked matches.

Sounds like your a ranked quitter. If you start a ranked match, you are expected to play throughout. If you 2ant 5o quit then don’t play ranked. Simple as.

Quitters ruins ranked. Imo quitting bans should carry over to Gears 5.


Shhhh… Let him keep quitting so they’ll slap the ban on him and we won’t have to deal with his quitting anymore.


It really made people angry when you leave a rank match, you screw your team to take a unfair lose. And not only will your rank goes down but 4 other people rank will go down too. And by the way if you keep o leaving a lot in rank you can get a 90 day ban (3 month ban) for playing gears 4.

Bad idea to rant about that here…

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How am i going to be banned when i am using the legal option to quit?

I hope the ban is retroactive, it’s not legal because the option is NOT suppose to be there at al in ranked.

TC policy quitters will get banned for quitting. This has never changed and nor will it.

Lol, tell me meow: how are they going to ban me for literally using their legit way of quitting?

The “quit to menu” option is literally their way to allow players to quit without facing any penalties.

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Don’t quit matches then.

Go for it. Please.

I think what OP is saying is that he quits before the lobby is created. I’ve done that when I decide not to play and it allows me to quit before I’m in a team, not resulting in a penalty. However, since OP hasn’t joined a team, they shouldn’t even be getting the “Rejoin Match” since they were never truly in that lobby.

Or I could be wrong lol

So are you going to tell me how I’m going to be banned for using their quit system?

Because it’s illegal banning players to use payed product due to quitting out of provided poor quality multiplayer service. I’m quite sure their legal advisors suggested the return of “quit to menu” option.

No. I quit mid match because others on my team have already left and i’m not going to waste my time in a 5v4/3 match. Dont know if you saw my edit, but my complaint is not referring to this bug that allows us to quit any old time. It was about all the times before this bug existed.

I’ll definitely use this bug to quit earlier, but that’s only when others on my team have already quit.

Trying to quit while waiting forever for the game to find you a match, and getting the warning of a penalty for doing so…is a different story.

One thing I’ve noticed about quitters, they sure do cry a lot.


Oh, well in that case you’ll probably get banned sooner or later.

Here a screen shot of how you can get ban for 90 days

Is this feature a bug? Has it been addressed officially yet? Or did TC just give once and for all with quitters?

it not a bug it a permanent thing

I’m talking about the feature of being able to leave any time without penalty. Seems like it’s been that way since the scion challenge went live