Stim pickups in other multiplayer modes besides Escape

Random question: would it be interesting to have Stim packs as another available map pickup like ammo boxes in Horde or weapons in Versus PvP?

I don’t think they’ve ever been in any PvP (I don’t really play it so maybe I missed it). I know there are some characters with Stim kill bonuses in Arcade, but that’s not the same mechanic and wouldn’t contribute to “team map control” gameplay. Same with the Stim Gas Grenade in Judgment. FWIW, the forums suggested this topic from a few years ago where everybody hated on the idea (and the Breaker Mace’s conferred damage resistance), but I’d be curious if opinions differ now. I’d actually assumed people would think it’d be a giant nothingburger in PvP.

For Horde, its value is probably dependent on whether you could setup a base with easy access to the Stim pickup. Otherwise it would probably just be an inter-wave replenishment option, or CQC classes could camp on a far one. Might make Nomad’s Armored Shot slightly more viable without requiring Execution Shield or an Anchor/shadowing Combat Medic.

Maybe it could be a reward if they bring back the intermittant wave challenges like in previous games (e.g.: get 7 headshot kills; get 5 executions; etc etc), and if you succeed a few stim boxes will appear by the fabricator.


Stim needs to stay away from versus in every way possible. I played Arcade alot when Gears 5 first came out and it was very annoying fighting people who picked the characters who got stim.


Is it because Stim wasn’t “properly” tuned there? If Stim for PvP was basically like Master Horde’s single hit protection (not counting the Palace Guard magic Torque and other game B.S.) and that’s it, it seems like it would just allow you to eat one more shot than you would have otherwise, but not break the game?

It does exactly what you said, which is very annoying. Basically, anything that heals you rapidly or lets you tank a 1hit kill was very annoying to fight in versus.

Especially those characters that have got some kind of orange aura or something like that!?

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Thats a character healing themselves.

That one I definitely get being a balance issue. Healing on damage is effectively a permanent advantage in fights… that person just needs to keep plinking you/anyone and avoid any 1 shot weapons/encounters. The stim-on-kill Arcade ability can also be a continuing cycle where it’s an advantage that makes you more likely to survive the encounter, and therefore kill, which gives you the advantage for the next encounter, and so on.

But a stim pickup would help a single person, a single time, and then it’s gone from the map for 60 or whatever seconds. Yes, it could tip the scales/be used to oppress by an already-up team, but so can any power weapon, right? (And those actually have multiple uses/shots before they’re consumed.) Unlike Arcade, you shouldn’t constantly be running into someone with such an advantage.

My PvP noobery is showing. I’m stuck trying to relate how little I seem to squeeze out of stim in PvE when it’s not also coming with Enhanced Stim damage resistance and isn’t constantly replenishing.

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Love that Idea

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Should add stim packs to fab

Thing is, stim on the higher difficulties don’t take much damage before they’re gone, so in some ways I wonder if they’d be much value? Obviously some classes benefit far more than others - the Infiltrator and Nomad for example, but even then I wonder about how to give them some value. I wonder if stim packs could be tweaked. Or at least if there could be different kinds of stim packs. So there could be smaller inidividualised stim packs which affect the player who picks it up; larger ones which can give stim to all team mates; and then stim generators which work like how taps give the Blademaster stim to all players within a certain range but they last for a limited period of time? It could take the form of stim grenades which give some accelerated healing as well.

Alternatively I wonder if a certain class could have the ability to make small stim packs drop when they get kills in a particular way (a bit like how Blademaster has Efficient Executioner; or Demolitions has Good Kill, but small stim packs instead of ammo).

Would be cool to have things like this. Maybe something like this for Architect: “Enemies who get damaged by your barriers have a 20% chance to drop a stim pack.”

Yeah you’re right more variety would be cool.

I just enjoy the resource management aspect of the game so being able to purchase it in some way would be cool to me. You could even go a step further and be able to purchase it to hold on to and use at the right moment. Like med stick in other games.

You’re right that stim doesnt help much in the higher difficulties but it still is always gonna protect you from errand nades, and snipers.

That would be great though would also imply a different/expanded inventory system we don’t have today (unless it took the place of a grenade/pistol or something). I suspect they’d be severely tempted to triple map the new “use” feature to the reload and chainsaw button. :frowning:

Combat Medic makes the most sense to be that class (additively, or perhaps consider replacing Healing Bounty).

But my own crazy idea in this vein was actually tied into changing Tactician’s ultimate, where it would drop (blue, and with Venom + card or perking, red) ammo boxes instead of being an area effect for players. And Healing Module would instead drop stim packs.

Only a fixed number could appear simultaneously, but they could continue to exist after the ultimate ended (might seem overpowered, however I think that the tradeoff of having to stop fighting to pick it up vulnerably instead of just automatically getting it balances that). The idea had a couple other side benefits on the ammo side in that it could reduce explosive spam since you have to actively pick up the ammo, and wouldn’t work for the Salvo/heavy weapons. It would also allow refilling maces unlike today.

FWIW I’d also imagined taking the Tactician changes comically further to where the ultimate instead gave you a heavy weapon that shoots the ammo boxes/stim packs like a t-shirt cannon. The Tactician could only melee during it, but as a tradeoff, it would let you distribute ammo/stim to people not near you.

In a separate, bizarre coincidence, even the current game seemed to want to get in on this topic for some reason… On yesterday’s Escape daily I ran into the below supply room glitch I’d never seen before that gives new meaning to “stacking” Stim. (Either that or it’s trying to troll me by resurrecting the old “Yo dawg, I heard you liked stim” meme.)