Stim. I do not get it

So almost every character has the Stim ability in one way or another, but i got to ask… Why !!!
Gears of War Judgement got it right with Stim in Horde, and yes, it broke PvP. So, i can not get my head round the fact Stim Grenades would have been a better option. Of course, this is my own personal opinion, but then again, i only played Sophia in Judgement anyway, and loved it. And yes, i did try all the others, including Baird, who in fact is my all time favourite character.
Stim grenades. Are they better then what we got. Do you think they should be returned for the Support characters, What do you think ???
Or, bring back Sophia with the Stim Grenade. The Better option :smiley:

You know, the month I played GoWJ I never really thought stim was that broken.

It was probably more like I never really thought it was as broken as carrying around a nade every time you spawned that could be lobbed and stuck on people from across the map.

It did break the game on PvP, but only on PvP. People hated it, and eventually stopped play Gears of War Judgement.
I tried to play a couple of years ago, i could not find a single game. Horde was still going, but barely. The time it took to find a game, simply was not worth it. It is a shame though, there were some great maps on Judgement.
On topic though, the Stim, i obviously do not quite understand it on gears 5 Horde, however i do understand the Stim Grenade.