Stim from the Fabricator

How about it? Pay 500 Power, get a hit of stim. We can buy weapons and ammo, why not stim?

I would prefer being able to buy flashbangs personally.


And what kind of stim!?
Amphetamine!? Speed!? Cocaine!?


Stim is the buff for Gears that need GRATUITOUS AMOUNTS OF ENERGY

It’s like crystal meth in a box!

It’s crystal meth in a box!



Seems silly that medics have no way of getting flashbangs unless they’re dropped

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I feel as though it would make obsolete (at least partially) skill cards that already grant classes stim. On top of that, reliable and constant stim for the Nomad and his Bleed card (which requires it) would make things kind of cheesy.

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I second @GhostofDelta2
Buying flashbangs would be nice.
At one point before g5 launched I was wondering if we could put side weapons and grenades in the locker. Would be nice too.


I swear the reason they gave for not adding flashbangs to the fabricator was that they ran out of slots. :rofl:. I can’t even make that up.


It was, and why a few other weapons were removed when they added in the ability for all classes to purchase fortifications.

And they fixed that by adding the pistols to it in Op 5, so I fail to see why we don’t have flashes available as a purchase option. I find it extremely tiring not to have them available and disappear from the inventory because reasons, when they never would in prior Gears, so I can’t pick up an ammo box either if I use them all and it makes me not want to use the grenade even in situations where I should be using it. Which, let’s be honest, is complete and utter nonsense in Horde.


Maybe it’s too good if a combat medic use 8 Flashbangs as a Supportive Role, which a completely “Buff” to classes with Grenades Pouch cards.

But I still want to hope it can be able to buy :heart_eyes:

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Considering classes such as Tactician start out with 8 flashes using grenade pouch and can suicide for more of them for free, I don’t see the issue.

Can we have stim and flashbangs?


Bring back stim grenades or allow medics smoke grenade to give stim whilst in the cloud.
Also yes to flash, I wish I could buy them when I’m trying to grab something to pop interrogation.

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And then they went and added the Scorcher to the fab so randoms could waste their money on that.

Who needs flashes anyways? I’m sure once Elite Grenadiers show up they’ll be happy to share some with you.


That would be nice. But to take your idea further…I think that option would be better for the fabricator as a new tab. Fortifications/Weapons and the new tab Stored items. In this tab you’d have about ten slots to store items such as grenades, sidearms and even the repair tool. The repair tool disappears now after you leave it on the ground when a wave starts; So it would be nice when doing solo runs if you could store it. :+1:


Yeah, no kidding. It seems like they ramped up their tendency to throw flashes at you. I must have gotten flash at least six or seven times consecutively in a couple of horde games.

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Flashbangs and Smokes in the fab shouldve been there from the start of the game idk why they aren’t yet.


I feel like the scorcher is only in a bad spot because it was just stupidly tacked on the brawler with zero foresight of the mastery card not even functioning.

If the appropriate fixes are done, I can guarantee max mastery scorcher instantly becomes an excellent arsenal choice (maybe also with a tiny PvE base damage buff) for with it being able to deal with bastions/matriarchs/big targets ect, wayy easier when it gets fixed someday lol.

The Scorcher would need a massive dmg buff to be even remotely good.
Idk if the 110 or 120% damage increase on Liz’ Scorcher even work, but right now the damage is pitiful and also prevents cold finish from kicking in. Which would make sense if Incendinaries weren’t able to freeze enemies already.

Leaving that aside, the visual effect is also a nuisance which is kinda counterproductive in PvE.

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