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Still winning with MVP losing hundreds

Ranking system is not even close to being fixed. I’m winning matches with massive points and kills with MVP and loosing 500 points at a time. The other day I was about to derank and actually went UP and entire tier from only gaining like 15 points. Nothing about this system makes any sense. There has to be some bug.
Example I won 4 matches in a row but constantly getting negative 100s of points until I’m about to derank, then I win another match and only gain 15 or so points but while at silver 3 78% I shoot up to gold 1 10%. What is going on with this?

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The opposing team all quit out at the very last minute.

I’m extremely sour about the being deducted points (can’t find the image thought I took a snap) lost 16 points



I can’t stand that aspect of the system. I think it only snapshots performance at the end of a round, so if people quit last second the system evaluates your performance as if they were gone for the entire round.

No worse feeling than having the round of your life and an opponent quits, because you know you’re not gonna get anywhere near as much points now. Ugh.


139 kills

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I got mvp in a match that the other team was barely favored and we crushed them. Absolute devastation. Lost like 300 pts. Like JFC TC if I went down for that, exactly how hard was I SUPPOSED to carry?!

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MVP another match 80 eliminations closest on both teams was 50. We win -700 points… smh… lol

You should have gotten 139 kills instead of 139 assists you freakin amateur.


200 Eliminations (kills)

So bad.


The ranking system is truly flawless!


My eye is twitching right now

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I certainly hope you caught the sarcasm.


My eye twitches when confronted with sarcasm

I managed to score over 6000 points in a TDM match taking MVP. We lost 1-2 and the first round was very close. The rest of my team was 1800 (my buddy) and the rest were less than 500. Still manage to lose two points (I’m Diamond-3 so that does actually move you down in percentage.) Best part is I checked the ladder and I had actually lost 6 points. TC needs to just overhaul this system for Operation 2, because it is junk regardless of how they try to justify it.

Dude don’t you just get you are bad? All your kills HAVE to be with a lancer to be promoted to MASTER noob rank.

I love the ranking system!!!


Played against you before… you wrecked my entire team lmao, thanks for that :frowning:

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Happens atleast 1 or 2 matches a night for me where i 2-0 dominate and lose points


Maybe if there was a clear explanation of what’s expected of me I could better understand. I’m not the best in the world but I feel like I can compete at somewhat higher levels and been playing religiously for years. Had no problem getting diamonds in gears 4 though I really wasn’t ever master diamond in Koth. But whatever goes on in gears 5 ranking system makes no sense to me nothing about it. I also play on console because I’m hard headed and just can’t bring myself to play on pc. I really think there is some bug in the ranking system TC is not acknowledging, in fact I think there is a ton of bugs in their gears 4 and 5 which is why we have these small problems with the game suck as delays, weird mechanics etc and they just don’t know how to fix them

That’s because they need to change it back to kills and not eliminations for the Nubes to think they’re actually doing good.