Still... Waiting

Not. Cool… waiting an hour for a match if my picture would upload I’d have proof.

Ugh! Without a photo, I have a hard time believing you…:frowning:


At this point, someone could tell me the game burst into flames and I’d believe it.


Oh there you go! On top of everything else, lets accuse Gears of arson!:rofl:

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I wouldn’t go that far but Gears did fondle me and threatened to kick me if I told.


I had several jokes to go with that…but I think that all of them would get me kicked off the forums permanently :rofl:

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Hashtag meeowtoo😝


You really wanna play it, eh?

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If I get put in one more bad lobby, it may accidentally catch fire…


You might as well get the :fire_extinguisher: ready :+1:


After one hour, search threshold will reset back to 0, so I think you don’t have a proof. :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel your pain, and I’d recommend to check peak times in US/EU, and have a stack of 5 people mixed of regions to find matches faster.


What I don’t understand is why you would have to wait for an hour for a match? If matchmaking takes up to 3 mins for me to find a match I restart the search and usually find a match instantly.

You’ve got good patience I’ll give you that.

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After 3 minutes I would’ve played a different game. :sunglasses:

Yup. Was gonna say something along those lines😂

Well the proof is in the pudding, there isn’t any screenshots or clips of Gears of War 4 on their profile. There’s only FIFA 19 and Fortnite ones.
And it really doesn’t let me upload here anymore it says, undefined method `is_image?’ for FileHelper:Class
[![]( profile](
I have to use the photo link coding like above instead, they probably made a change to the forums 3rd party cookies or scripts.

He was just watching ■■■■ while waiting…