Still waiting to know when we will get the Deebee in horde

If the deebee totem is blue and they are on the cog side in versus then they should be on the cog side in horde since it’s a hero card it’s a blue card cog card. This makes no since they should have the deebee in horde as a hero because on the swarm they have the corrupted deebee units that were taken over with the leaches so no I don’t think they should be on the enemy side in horde but good side of versus like gears 4 they were on the swarm side in versus and you couldn’t play then in horde makes since but when it’s a cog character it should be able to be played in horde on the cog side since it’s playable as the cog side in versus

I’m still waiting for a PvE mode where I can use all these amazing Swarm skins including T-800 and Rev-9

Still no sign from TC so we wait or someone have info ?

I am sure it is just simply not a priority at the moment. We just have to see what happens.

Yeah I know but Tc are not clear on what they do pve side that the frustrating part about it they talk a lot pvp but less pve , we don’t even have road map only operation 3 with something in it and some leak for some skin but nothing serious .

At this point the only thing that I expect it’s come into ope 3 like the kantus some what mid ope but it’s only expecting something .

I was hoping the cards for DB would be done by Op 3. The poll was made on Twitter around Op 1-2. So enough time? The character model is already in-game.

TC mystery i guess even without creating card they could have done is re-use card left and right , we will see in operation 3 how everything go

It might come to PvE next Operation with the rest of the carmines

Don’t hold your breath.

I came back here because now we have it Deebee will be playable in operation 5 with the new class system so the subject is kinda close

At least there’s that I guess.

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