Still waiting to know when we will get the Deebee in horde

I already seen the twitter vote and a lot of people vote yes but no news as of right now still waiting to know if it will come or not in horde and with LUCK in escape

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Probably not. Who started the Twitter vote? If it wasn’t TC themselves then it just doesn’t mean anything.


I doubt it. Dee need are enemies in horde so if they add them they have to add the swarm as well

That is highly illogical, TC isn’t bound to some contract of equal representation for both swarm and Deebees, they don’t have to add anything they don’t want to.

Why though? DBs are your allies in Horde and Campaign. Don’t see why they can’t be in Horde for players, or why Swarm would have to be added when they are. Given the color differentiations made between an ally and enemy DB(look Jack’s Hijack, Baird’s DR-1) it shouldn’t be hard to tell that when a blue DB is shooting at enemies or crawling at you, that it’s an ally. And Rejects shouldn’t matter because they’ve got a big red light on their head and all sorts of gross organic matter hanging off their body.

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The swarm being playable in pve has been one of the most requested features since gears 4. If they add the Dee bee and not the swarm it’s just going to be another slap in the face to fans.

Wait, that was back in October? I know slow and steady wins the race, but damn…


Deebee is hero so it would be normal to have it in horde , for the swarm part they will need beast mod 2.0 like 1 of the post on the forum demand it or they will need to create new defence and stuff to look like the swarm and create new ultimate for the chara of the swarm and put only Deebee and COG on the enemy side .

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Pretty sure they said he wouldn’t be included as it would be too “confusing”. Honestly telling the difference between red and blue isn’t that hard. Halo’s multiplayer is based around it. Having skins makes it even easier. But ultimately it’s more work that I doubt they’re going to put the effort into. Horde skills would need to be made but the kicker is voice lines. Specific lines for everything escape related or round starts or enemies remaining or certain enemy mark and kill lines are required. I’d be willing to wager all the voice work for this game has been done, which means characters waaay down the line most likely have everything they need to be in the game right now. Main point is, considering that, there’s likely not much chance of deebee being a hero to be used in horde or escape. Could be wrong but if they already had what they needed for him to be in horde or escape I don’t see why they wouldn’t have made him accessible to begin with.

Yeah they said that it will confuse player we have dr-1 with Baird so it’s little bs now and to begin we have dell with rolly boi x2 so the argument by tc are weak and if change the light to blue and use weapon with skin I doubt someone will shoot it .
They put him in the first place on the cog side so I don’t see the problem to him in horde mod

But the deebee would kill deebees and that’s not ok think about the deebees rights

Well baird kill his own Deebee and Deebee have no personality so you give order they do they are programmed for that

I like how they say it’ll confuse players when the Terminators share footsteps with them in PvP.

What about Colour blind folk? Might be difficult for them?
But weapon on the back and running around would make it pretty obvious they were an ally. They could easily add a marker like when jack hijacks stuff (that you can toggle on/off)

Also aren’t DBs voiced by baird so all the voice lines will already be in the game just need the adjustments?

i wont accept any argument against not having them in horde.

up close they are blue and from a distance they glow blue.
if you get confused youre too blind to be playing.

plus in HALO its red vs blue all spartans and nobody is confused lol.

id love to have them in horde, especially since they did the nutcracker skin which is my favorite lol


meanwhile jack can take over many things. meanwhile del can summon trackers. meanwhile baird can summon a DR1.



exactly. the arguments against it are nonexistent

the colorblind thing notwithstanding because even dogs can tell red and blue apart lol

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To be fair, some fans will see everything and anything as a slap in the face. You’ll never please them! :grin:

Me personally, I want to be able to play as Swarm in Versus AI matches. That is all I really want and it we should be easy to implement. God only knows why they haven’t done it when fans have been asking for it since GOW4. I mean, GOW3 allowed you to switch to Locust in private matches against AI afterall.

But for PVE - nah. It would be totally weird to me.

The DeeBee would be fine, cos canonically I know they are allies (at least now) and fought against the Swarm. But I’d prefer if TC focused on other COG characters. I dunno how much time it takes to prepare and create each single Hero character but it seems to take them ages. I’d rather have the old gang first like Tai, Sam, Dizzy etc.

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I didn’t vote in that poll but I would like Deebee’s added.