Still waiting on any update to the Midnight/ Flaming skins on GOW4

So me and one of my friends have been grinding away at getting Gears of War 4 done (achievement wise). TC added two event specific achievements related to weapon skins (midnight and flaming) and mentioned that some time after Gears 5 is released that they would make these skins craftable to avoid pass games locking you out of completing them (i.e Judgement ).

We are approaching the 1-year anniversary of the launch of Gears 5 and there has zero info on whether or not TC is planning or scrapping the idea of going back and pushing that update through. I’ve tried to ask the on Twitter and on the dev. streams, but haven’t gotten any answer from them. I know that they have been currently hammering away at trying to improve Gears 5 and global pandemic has definitely impacted how quickly things can come out, just wondering at this point whether or not to just give up asking.


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This was addressed a few weeks ago by @TC_Sera

Its still in TCs view of getting fixed but i dont think its high on the agenda as TC has recently re-written their roadmap for gears 5 in terms of content getting released and general overhaul of certain aspects of the game.

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They were originally meant to “sunset” Gears 4, which would’ve included making those skins craftable, but they never got round to it after the disastrous launch and general existence that Gears 5 suffered.


I wonder man if people still plays Gears of War 4 .

Most likely, yes. I’ve felt like returning to it myself many times, trust me.


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On September 1, I wrote about this in the topic, and put in a copy of TC_Sera, but no answer came, my question was simply ignored.
Here is my answer to the promise of TS_Sera to understand this issue:
So the summer has passed (and the update in part 4 has not arrived, the achievements: I Like Em Crispy and Better Than Bacon are still unavailable. How is GAZE doing? Is there any specific information by what date to wait for the update?

many are waiting for this update, but not many are writing about it, not many are contacting support on this issue. I am very grateful to you and to all those who raise this issue, I hope someday the developer will turn his attention to us and fulfill his promise. I myself have begun to play the games of this developer less and less often, since I myself am a perfectionist and I just cannot concentrate on the new 5th part without completing the 4th part by 100%

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