Still waiting for him to join the fight

I’m still waiting for the boi to be added to Gears 5 as a playable character since the leak. And I know we all are when it comes to our favorite characters from previous gears games. My theory on Paduk mid to near end of operation 3 (potentially in operations 4) since Booshka was revealed as a returning weapon. But I along with people who been waiting for him to be in another Gears came could hope. Keep your head held high and hope to see more content come out with the remaining weeks of this Op til 4 approaches

I thought the Booshka was an April 1st joke

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I’ve never thought of this but possibly. But that joke seems far to well-put-together to be a creation of TC’s.

It’s not a corporate joke that’s for sure

“Haha let’s model and animate a booshka and put it in” “haha that’s great Tim! I’m going ram my head into a wall 43 times and spill coffee on myself.”

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Hey, I’ve seen companies do worse.

One game completely modelled a Goat for an April 1st joke.