Still trying to understand the horde mode, gears 5 totally broken

I have a lot of high level characters, it’s amazing how the gears 5 horde mode is broken, I’ve always played horde since gears 2, I must say that gears 3 was the biggest evolution I saw in a game franchise, the biggest disappointment it was gears 4, that really sucks without discussion, gears 5 came to try to fix all this mess, but everything is wrong, this game is totally broken.

Horde mode is a disaster:
the class system is well positioned in relation to the previous game, which was a real bad one, but I still cannot understand how devs think when creating useless cards, I have said this many times here, it is impossible to play on the master difficulty without damage cards extra for weapons. the few characters that have these cards have totally plausible gameplay, without the characters do zero damage, it’s ridiculous to play with lizzie, she’s just 100% focused on silverback, but silverback doesn’t do enough damage, especially in high waves like 25 forward

Horde mode is a 100% broken mode! Because?
take any character except JD, in the first waves everything is ok, in higher waves besides your weapons do ridiculous damage, you live the 50 waves with practically no ammo, the need to use locker is 100%, two ammo boxes on the map are insufficient for 5 players, and reloading a ridiculous amount of ammunition per box, without an engineer the game is unplayable, you will run out of ammunition in the first waves, the ammunition you earn per wave ends up in the first enemies, it’s amazing how this game is all over broken, simple things that anyone could identify, the team could release a weekly update correcting such problems, but nothing, they keep focusing on multiplayer, they keep launching game modes for just gnasher, but in reality the game is completely gnasher since gears 3. Horde mode totally abandoned, we have to wait for the next operation to place order cards on the escape characters, the players are the brigades play with the characters with useless cards for months until the devs release a ridiculous update.

gears 5 an abandoned game
how to play ?
Jd + any engineer = locker + GL you dont need 5 players
it is ridiculous to see players with any character playing with heavy weapons like trishots or salvos, because their weapons are useless, without extra damage cards which would be the basics, playing with lizzie in waves above 30 is a horror (master), nor even the silverback does considerable damage. dying with hitkill was already expected but firing 5 clips to kill 1 simple enemy is ridiculous. it is clear that the game is totally mismanaged.


Because it’s a high round. Why would it get easier? Especially on master.

Well here’s your discussion: While being far from perfect, I had a blast with Horde in G4 and played hundreds of hours enjoying every moment of it.

For me the biggest disappointment is G5. The hero system being the worst, followed closely by this weird idea that less ammo and stupid amounts of enemy health was a good idea.


I use gears 3 as a reference, but I will leave the G4 ideia aside because it must be a matter of liking it or not, but I must admit that the hero system was a disaster, it seems that it was done without any logic

During G4 Horde discussion, G3 was the reference and it had a strong fan base, I just liked G4 better.

Now compared to G5 I’ll happily take G2 Horde.

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you didn’t get my idea, I speak in the text of the fact that it is difficult cause you are playing on master, without any problem, I speak of the game being broken, for example, my character level 18 with all the cards level 5 has practically the same gameplay as when it was lv1

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Boy oh boy there is so much wrong here that I question if it’s a troll post
This sounds like a post from 5 months ago.


So what exactly changed about the balance in Horde since launch that makes everyone but Kait, JD, Keegan, Marcus and Fahz not spam a Tri-Shot almost all the time as soon as they’re available, or their ult to have any uses?

For one, Marcus and Fahz previously had to spam trishots as well because their dmg just wasn’t there.

I do agree that there is an over reliance on trishots and there are issues with the system where support characters really don’t have anything to do in terms of “support”.

I thought Marcus seemed fine before any buffs got applied to him. Doesn’t seem to get much more simple than to hit Y or whatever to activate Living Legend and watch it keep itself up with rifles once it’s leveled high enough.

And Fahz, again, not a lot changed there besides some skills not requiring X-Ray any further. The biggest change for him was seemingly for Icy Precision and Explosive Headshots, which I haven’t personally gotten to use yet so cannot speak on either of those skills.

TC say they have another batch of tuning changes on the way for PvE/Horde so hopefully they make a bigger difference than the Op 3 balancing.

Marcus and Fahz no longer need a trishot though. 5 months ago they did.

I’m not too sure what you’re getting at with explaining how the characters function but I also don’t really want to know.

Back to the topic

The original OP is broken.

No? I don’t understand, how is a 5 card stack lvl 18 the same as a lvl 1? In gameplay, its different, or you want a more drastic change outright?

They also buffed the damage of the Longshot and the Embar in Horde, active reloads do a ton of critical damage. I have a Fahz with 5s across the board, and I can easily do 4-5,000,000 damage per game, and I could do even more if JD wasn’t so necessary to winning on higher levels.

But yes, there’s a lot wrong with Horde and OP has a lot of valid complaints. Sadly I don’t see much being done since TC knows PvP is what butters their toast and most of their focus is for that. I’m sure we’ll get some attention every operation but not the kind of constant TLC required to keep Horde as engaging as it can be.

They also did for Escape. Seems the only difficulty an unbuffed active Longshot can’t one shot headshot a Drone Elite is on Master in that mode now. And even then it doesn’t leave them with a lot of health to go. EMBAR also packs a decent punch now rather than being something I mostly just ignore if I don’t want something to stun enemies with. So those buffs didn’t just help Fahz out.

I honestly sometimes get annoyed that the stupid ranking system receives so much attention. Maybe my general view of the majority of the PvP playerbase is too negative but I have a feeling that once TCs new ranking system gets out it still gets b*tched about a ton, so they put even more work and resources into something that seems like a hopeless endeavor to me, particularly since in and on itself the ranking has no real effect on gameplay and is more of a grinding milestone thing to go for. Just like the whole seemingly never ending Gnasher mess and Lancer debates. Even if teams are different from PvE to PvP there is still a definite prioritization going on that draws more work to PvP because - no offense intended - those guys seem to complain the loudest about pretty much anything.

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These kinds of threads always crack me up.

“oh no I can’t breeze through a game on masters difficulty so it’s broken”!

Masters is supposed to be extremely difficult and almost unbeatable that’s why it’s the hardest mode available. In my opinion it’s too easy the way it is right now. You are supposed to run out of ammo and hardly do any damage, that is the point. Lizzie is fine in masters because her role is to freeze crap at 25% health…that is what she does. On masters everyone is reduced to one or two things they can do and the rest is trying to scratch by because it’s supposed to be EXTREMELY DIFFICULT.

Don’t have an engineer then you won’t make it at all…that’s the way it is. Don’t have high DPS then you won’t make it…that’s the way it is. It is not a mode to be steamrolled by a random group playing any character they want.

The game is not balanced around the master difficulty it’s balanced somewhere around intermediate to experienced and it’s fine at that level…that is the normal play mode.

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Yeah I don’t get it. I think master is a breeze in gears 5 though. Just boring because the enemies are just bullet sponges and the AI is a bit…um, special. I don’t think the point of master should be stay in cover and shoot the same enemy all wave. It should be trying to kill all the enemies as they flood at your base as some sort of…wait for it…horde of enemies.

Side note, Lizzie was one of the more enjoyable to play I thought. Even with lower damage I was always able to contribute to the team. Especially against guardian/sentinels. Plus freezing wires is just fun!

Is the same I think but a lot of players don’t want to accept this is trash. I maxed all characters to lvl 18 and their cards lvl 5, I don’t use for example COG Gear, Kat or Sarah Connor, I played mostly Master difficulty and play with them is all you want except have fun. Is crap, and those that defend this are disgusting. Killing enemies in games like Wolfenstein II in the highest level (Mein leben) or DOOM is relatively easy, even using the pistol, is a pleasure even using 1 weapon on each hand and you’re a beast, the difficulty comes with the amount of enemies, some mini bosses with high health and armor, and with a single shot they’ll kill you instantly, then you need a good strategy and skill. On Destiny 2 assuming you have the highest character possible with the best weapons and if you go with a good team to the highest Raid, is even more fun each one are helping killing enemies, and trying to beat the bosses that has a ridiculous amount of health and shield, but on Gears 5 is a chore and not fun.

The same sh1"#@t everyday, actually playing as Cole or Clayton both Escape and Horde is fun, but their modus operandi will be nerf them in the next Operation. Disgusting.

BTW a lot of buddies that loved Gears 4 horde and reched Wings 10/Re Up 20 and were hyped with Gears 5, they’re dissapointed with this game and moved away to RDR 2, COD Warzone, Fortnite and other kind of games I don’t like.

You can keep that and not restrict everyone but a select few characters to very quickly boring Tri-Shot spamming(which, I might add, is hardly difficult to do, though knowing how to not get shot as much helps) by… you know, actually doing a proper balancing so people can use more than just their ult or one single weapon to do anything but scratch the paint job on enemies. Unless you think Horde of Tri-Shots and ultimates is the most engaging possible way of playing the game that totally isn’t counterintuitive to TCs idea of adding more individuality to characters with their hero system.

TL;DR You can keep the difficulty of Master* and still make the gameplay varied by making the various characters have specific ways of damaging enemies rather than just getting a Tri-Shot as non-Fahz/Kait/JD/Keegan/Marcus because almost every other offensive option is completely useless for actual killing of enemies.

*I personally find there isn’t much actual “challenge” to Master Horde because the bullet sponge AI is pitifully predictable and easy to figure out, but this doesn’t mean you can just completely suck and win at Master because the ridiculous health, damage and accuracy compensate for lack of numbers and/or clever AI behavior.

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Yep, only challenge if you will, with the AI is trying not to get one shot killed from that elite drone across the map sniping you with a claw :roll_eyes: