Still the best trailer for Gears of War

Dug out the old faithful Xbox 360 and found some gems on it…

This is our all time fave trailer for all Gears of War…


Loved the Mad World Gears of War trailer. Ended up getting a 360 cause of it


“Rendezvous with death” is my favorite (for 2 that is)
I know someone will probably talk sh*t but gears 4 "tomorrow " trailer still gives me goosebumps, plus David Draiman is the man lol.


I liked all the trailers except for Judgment. And I don’t recall Gears 5’s trailer lol

I wish Gears would go back to taking inspiration from Mad World, that has to be the best Gears trailer by far.

There’s a lot of good trailers. Honestly content size this Carmines trailer is the best. But Dust to Dust or Rendezvous is probably my favorite cinematic trailer.

The Mad World trailer was one of the GOAT game trailers.


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He never sang anything and it was the best Disturbed performance I’ve ever seen.

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The original trilogy trailers are things of beauty as are the introduction to Horde 2.0 ones from Anya.

Gears 4 trailer was also class.

Watching them, rewatching them no matter how many times makes you fall in love with Gears all over again. Excellent thread :+1::+1::+1:


The Gears 3 trailer that used Black Sabbath - War Pigs was my favorite.

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While that one isn’t my favorite, I was soooo hyped during that time I couldn’t wait for Gears of War 3.