Still Nothing Promising

Once again, I’m on the topic of characters for Horde matches. When I made my last post, I didn’t expect so many views. My last post had comments about how they’ll allow us, the player, to play any COG character in Horde and I had really hoped to play DeeBee.

I lost a lot of hope in the game mode when Operation 5 was released. Now I do like being able to use my UIR Officer, I still would rather just play Jack because he can hijack enemies for like… 5 seconds. While selecting characters and classes is nice, it’s nothing new since the only thing different is a few new cards, passive ability changes, and character selection.

I still very much love to see a more creative addition to the characters. Like a actual Deebee just like the ones you fight, but blue. This would mean character height, punch melee animation, slower and smoother cover animation, hip fire Enforcer, jogging animation, curb stomp, etc. I know this will likely never happen, but it’s at least likely to have more thought into it.

It could be a seperate class based on what was listed, much like how Jack is. And yes, I’m aware they are enemies in Horde, but Jack can still hijack them with no problems, there would be no red arrow or lights, have a blue outline with blue leathery parts and blue lights. There is also 2 classes that summon shockers and even a DR-1.

I think a copy and pasted enemy to a selectable Horde character would be a fine addition and would fit more into the scene of fighting Swarm since Deebees are COG anyways. Still, I just wished there was something more after the long wait.