Still not got my guiled kait

I did the 1st part and watched 2 bloody hours and still didn’t get anything why?

Merry Christmas…Also, Twitter has a thread for the issue as well.

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Yeah it’s really bumming me out atm I got glitched at 59/60 on the stream for esports kait hasn’t been any further notice from TC about this seems like everyone who had problems on the 13th has been addressed. A bunch of people including me had issues with the timer counting on the 14th and haven’t gotten any further notice about it for a few days now.

“I haven’t gotten my Gilded Kait.”

Is a thread about Esports Kait.


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It is probably better the title is that way or else one of the mods will skim thru and automatically lock it because they don’t want anyone discussing this skin anymore on here.

Or because we want people to post in the correct thread so its all in one place for TC.

That thread is even mentioned above by Tony :slight_smile:

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