Still no ranked skins rolled out?

Surely we can be expecting the ranked season 3 skins within the next few days?

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Maybe next week…lol



I’m gonna go ahead and predict arouuuund the twentieth. Possibly even March.

I’m sure they will be there before the end of July.

By now it is truly pathetic that we have to wait this long for just weapon skins. TC should be ashamed. Seems like they are doing this 100% manually.


They just said it takes a long time and have simplified it for next season.

Hah, haha- They broke it right. I mean i assume they’ve pre-broke it, they do that a lot.

I don’t think they did it on purpose.

I don’t think TC does anything on purpose but i’m still guessing they pre-broke it.

Well, accidentally sure.

They said that it takes a lot of time to verify what ranks everyone got in every mode and what you are due.

That’s why they made it simpler for next season.

Made sense.

Aye, i made a joke about them pre-breaking the next system.

A joke to you and me, yes, but to TC it’s a idea :laughing:

Ahh ■■■■. They’ve got an excuse for delayed skins now, feck.

Delayed skins?

You mean cancelled skins :sob:

They can’t cancel the diamond dream baby, it’s Puts on sunglasses unbreakable.

Because, diamonds-

Y’know, hard and stuff.

I want my Swarovski Crystal Skins.

Wait, that ugly dude with the ruby stuff?

No I already have him :+1:

The ruby one is basically a Black steel one without armour.

I have the Blacksteel elite scion or some crap like that. I used him until i got a crapload of other blacksteels.

I don’t really use scions though, i prefer locusts.

Hope you get the ones you want though’