STILL no option to turn off Emotes

There is still no option to turn off the stupid hold down right stick emote.

I have remapped it to y button but when you’re in hoard that uses your special ability just to move the fabricator when you remap it to that.

I cannot believe that these people don’t have an option to turn that off it’s just ridiculous and disappointing


one of the worst additions to this game. that and the bloodsprays

let us disable this stuff


I wholly disagree. Saying hello to a group of randoms or telling them thanks when they pick me up or drop a weapon for me is really nice.


To be honest after playing gears 4 I realised I quite like the emotes and voice speaking :rofl:

Some daft stuff added which shouldn’t be in gears but certainly some useful talking if they aren’t on the mic

Yeah I was showing some buddies the game once and they couldn’t even take it serious with the poop, toilet, and tilted bloodspray popping up. I Understand the emotes being gone would be impossible but for gods sake please let us make everyones default bloodspray the skull omen.

It’s so out of place and downright childish to have these goofy bloodsprays that NO ONE asked for. I’m sorry if anyone on here likes them but the og omen is so much better…


Yea the “thanks” comes in handy when I’m leader and someone randomly gives me a power weapon, I don’t count on that happening so it’s always refreshing when someone does so I quickly hit that thanks emote lol

Do wish muting a player would mute their emotes tho, just cause of those annoying spammers we all know about. Also understand OPs issues with it, cause I still accidentally bring it up, blocking my view in the middle of a gnasher battle on the regular


it’s possible for your Bloodspray to show the Original Omen.

Set all weapons to Default and it will look normal when you kill others. it’s the least you can do

99% sure about this. maybe someone can test it

They should add muting expressions while they’re at it.


I also like to be friendly towards peeps, it’s cathartic, almost as cathartic as being able to use my Locust skins in PvE would be.


Yeah, that’s been a thing since they changed bloodsprays. All my guns use default bloodsprays.

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I love the emotes. While I wouldn’t want to turn them off, I do wish that if we muted someone, it muted their emotes.

The people who spam the same emote in PvP just to annoy the other team can go to hell. Lol.


just had a stacked team in tdm yesterday spamming their locust laughs, I regretted hopping onto PVP after that point lol


Hell yes, if I have to hear three queen Reynas spamming that laugh one more time today, I’m gonna be…well…mildly upset, but it’s still damn annoying.


It was quick play too to add insult to injury.



I was more excited for Queen Reyna than Hoffman because a part of me thought, “Oh God yes, less Myrrahs in PvP.”


Emotes arent everyone’s favorite thing but we can all agree hearing Marcus yell about his tomatoes makes your game experience much better.


I don’t mind emotes…I just prefer to turn it off for my shotgun battles. Bloodsprays I actually like.

I shudder at the mere thought, of running into a team of five queen Reynas, just spamming that laugh over and over in unison.
It’s the stuff of nightmares man. :cold_face:


Just had a game of Guardian where Clayton spammed his “oh yea!” After he killed our leader

We swept the next 4 rounds while me and the other Reyna hit him with her laugh everytime we killed him lol

I do hate the spammers though and have been wanting that option for awhile, I know we could turn em off, but that turns off all voicelines (not just emotes) not only that, as pointed out the emotes work fine when people use them right, so we need a mute option just for those bad apples.


The worst I’d ever had was three Myrrahs on the other team and two Casans on mine. They all spammed laugh emotes at each other. And it was a KotH match. And it went three rounds.

I wanted to just quit and take the penalty.