Still no Execution huh ? Smh

Can’t count how many times I’ve remade this thread after an update just to voice my severe disappointment.

Gears is simply not gears of war to me and every veteran gears player I grew up with, with out even one single life elimination game type.

I’m all for the growth of the game outside of Execution, a lot of really good players have moved on to KOTH and other respawn game types and really enjoy playing em.

I just do not understand why we have to leave execution behind ? And please do not start with this “ITS TO CONSOLIDATE THE PLAYLISTS”
When they have made yet ANOTHER respawn gametype “control” like wtf escalation and koth isn’t enough we need a third ring capturing playlist but we can’t even have one single life elimination game type ? Yeah okay…

By all means expand your horizons, but why forget our roots ?

I know there are plenty fans that have been playing since gow1 out there that feel me. Acknowledge us, we are some of the franchises oldest most loyal players. Usually that sort of dedication is appreciated :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I wonder why it took you so long to know this


Ive been saying this since the game released with out execution, as clearly stated in the original post
I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve posted this. Always with plenty feedback concurring.

Agreed, they need to put the single life game modes back like last operation in a playlist, i would be happy.

I used to play Gears 5 a few times a week but since they took those out I just hardly ever play anymore.

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Every time I post this like 20 og players I’ve been seeing around since gears one pop up to say just that, why aren’t they hearing us ?

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I guess they just don’t care… Still hoping those modes come back to QuickPlay at least.

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Maybe one day, maybe


I would run exe/warzone all day if possible but the fact of the matter is no one plays these modes anymore. Modern gaming has left us behind people need a constant rush of endorphins or its just not worth it anymore. KOTH and escalation are the only decent modes and the player count is low enough as it is anyway.

i have been asking for KOTH with EXE rules for years and it falls on deaf ears

How hard is it to include a simple execution mode? Honestly TC are hack devs

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