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Still no Cyclops?


(dr eggman19) #1

Haven’t played Gears 4 for a while but still been keeping up with all the news from TC about all things related to Gears 4.

Noticed recently we’ve got the Theron pack which is cool, but does anyone think we’ll get the Cyclops eventually for Gears 4? Personally I thought he’d come with Skorge considering everyone has been asking for him for a while.

Surely TC can’t let him slip through the net?

(III EnVii III) #2

There are still many months left before Gears 5, so there’s every chance that character could make an appearance.


Oh I wouldn’t put it past them🤣

(Me0wMix CatFood) #4

I hope they wait. I’d hate to get things like Cyclops and Onyx Guard at the very end of Gears 4, then be screwed because we could only use them for a short time and they wouldn’t show up in #5 for a long time, if at all.


They should just stop giving skins altogether now. Just wait, when 5 comes out, everybody will be asking for skins and the same skins will come out that 4 has and people will be complaining that they are the same. Oh I can’t wait for those threads to start for Gears 5. Looking forward to them.


You and me both Tony😂

(Bleeding Pepper) #7

Can you imagine our mutual friend? He’ll have a full list of all characters along with a “last seen in…” note. And I bet the list will include all the filler variants and rubbish like Colorblast characters, Luchador Oscar, and Ugly Gearsmas Sweater JD (or whatever it’s called)! :joy:


I don’t want to imagine nor do I want to see it


And yet see it you shall

(Bleeding Pepper) #10

But on a serious note, I’ve got some reasonable hope that the Cyclops will appear in GOW4. Possibly with Karn in that highly rumoured Karn pack that was accidently leaked last year maybe? I mean, looking at the Cyclops design, like several other Locust characters they use the same.body model as the Drone, so it’s a case of re-creating the helmet, so is relatively easy to do compared to say, the Savage Marauder which needs to be completely rebuilt from scratch.

Either way, as I’ve said before I expect whatever custom content TC has in store for future packs and challenge rewards, it’s probably already been finished and is just in the vault waiting to be released. Given its all hands on deck for GOW5 I doubt TC have anyone currently working on new material for GOW4 at this very point in time.

(dr eggman19) #11

After all the Cyclops did appear in the Gears Judgment Campaign so it’s possible I guess.

(Bleeding Pepper) #12

I wouldn’t think appearences in previous games is relevant in determining whether a character will appear in GOW4 or not. GOW4 uses the Unreal 4 engine, while GOW3 and Judgment use the Unreal 3 engine. TC can’t transfer character models from one to the other, Everything has to be re-created from ground up.

The only reason I say that I think there’s a reasonably good chance of the Cyclops appearing at some point in GOW4 is purely because it uses the same character model as the Locust Drone which they’ve already created for GOW4 (Sniper and Beast Rider share the same body too) so in theory it’s less work. They can also use existing Locust voice recordings as well.

(B RAD RULES 444) #13

Oh man I hope karn makes it into gow4, that’s the last character I want for that game and it seems like there’s no way that pack leak for him was an error. Either way I just hope he becomes a playable character within the near future.

(dr eggman19) #14

Latest from TC on upcoming packs.

`There will be no returning Gear Pack this week in Gears of War 4. We know you’re keen to fill those gaps in your collection, and the good news is that we’re cooking up a Series 3 Craftables drop for the first time this year.

While that means a little Gear Pack hiatus, the wait at the end will be worth it. For now, you can keep banking those hard-earned Credits!

Will be nice if Cyclops is included in the upcoming pack. Would satisfy a lot of people.

(Duffman GB) #15

Would be sweet. Have to say though, if I were TC I would be holding him and say Onyx guards back until 5. I would hold everyhing back in fact.
Kilo squad will make a return in 5, im sure of it.

(Stealth Ninja X) #16

I bet his voice would be recycled which would suck since his voice was deep and unique when compared to his other kantus brethren

(Bleeding Pepper) #17

Karn isn’t Kantus. Apparently he’s part of the Theron sub-classes but underdeveloped when he was a child, hence his skinnier appearence. He looks a bit Kantus-y though.

(dr eggman19) #18

Then again it isn’t confirmed Locust are going to playable in Gears 5 Multiplayer is it?

To be fair I think adding Cyclops to Gears 4 would be ideal considering you’ve already got a packed Locust roster.

(Duffman GB) #19

I think it is highly likely traditional Locust as well as Swarm will be in 5.

(Bleeding Pepper) #20

Yeah. I mean, the Locust are so popular in the Gears universe that it would be unthinkable if they were left out completely. TC know this.