Still no character creation...or building....WHY?

I’ve always been one to push for character creation in the series. The option to have you own gear would be a game changer for me. I want tons of armor variations and different looks. I want options. There is already so many skins and customization items in 4 that this seemed like the natural progression going forward.

It also would make the grind to earn new gear that much more enjoyable.

Half the characters are completely goofy looking and I cannot stand them. People talking about lack of immersion in the game due to custom characters have no argument when we have sarah connor and terminator walking around LOL.

These custom characters wouldn’t even need to be in the traditional versus modes. I know I’ll probably get hate for it but I do wish gears took a page out of Pubg or fortnite by adding a battle royal mode.

Imagine 3 man squads dropping in and you have to be the last squad standing. Chest pieces, helmets, leg armor, arm armor all scattered around the map. Weapons all over.

I think a building mechanic would be really interesting also. Nothing as extensive as fortnite. But imagine being able to create a piece or cover as you rush another squad, like a gun similar to the dropshot explodes and provides some rocky cover.

The formula is a bit stale, the dynamic needs to be shaken up and being able to strategically place covers would create the need to be tactical to win.

Just some food for thought.

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OK for character creation, the game and lore is perfect for that. But not this battleroyal bullsheet. NOPE.

For character creation, I guess The Coalition doesn’t want to bother adding such a huge system. Otherwise it would have been added a long time ago.

Creating cover has zero place here. Stupid mechanic - you can get reckless and make magic walls. This won’t shake up the dynamic it’ll make the game terrible

I just feel like the war torn atmosphere of the gears world would make perfect sense for a battle royal mode. To me it seems realistic for that survival type mode to be a reality on planet sera.

Even if you didn’t have a cover mechanic I think it would
Be an interesting new versus mode

But battle royale is all vs all. Do you realise how awful judgement was when it had cog vs cog the game made no sense and no one played it

I’m with you. I’m simply talking about from a entertainment perspective, you could also add in some UIR characters and create a short narrative saying each “faction” locust, cog, uir is fighting for this piece of land and have it set back in time before they joined forces.

I just think it would be neat to start with an armorless character and watch them get all decked out with badass armors and guns and kill anyone.

We have ranked modes for cog vs locust so why not add it as part of the arcade game types? Easy choice in my eyes.

Not a fan of this idea. Player created characters would inevitably end up looking less detailed and goofy.

No they wouldn’t, why would they be less detailed? I guess sarah conor and terminator are a ok tho

Gears of fortnite, no thanks.

Because that’s the reality of most games with player creator.

The sad thing is we will never get something like this. more customization is like making a wish for world peace when it comes to the coalition. I wish we could just play as a noname cog soilder and just customize off of that but oh well.

Exactly. And it definitely wouldn’t lose detail if they were pre set armor pieces you could earn.

I agree your own Chracter creation would make the Gears franchise more awesome ive always loved following my own Chracter’s story experience in games like Sword art Online just
Imagine teaming with the main Chracters to save the wold from the Swarm and their new Queen

Plus have you seen thoughout the Gears series alot of the main characters from the franchise are all dead or old but still fight i think it would be a great start for the story line after they Killing off JD or Del with the choice safe

I have a friend that would probably agree with on this

I think it would give you a hole new experience in Gears of War

It would cool even the skin choice option if they added the build your own Cog Soldier even if they the armor look that the cog gear chracter wears look with the helmet equipped or unequipped option