Still missing my favorite characters from gears of war 3!

My favorite character from gears of war 3 was the Savage murader what happened to him? There are many others like, recruit Clayton Carmine, the spotter, Prescott, the onyx guars, Barrick, Valera the hunter and hunter elite, Savage hunter and Theron, the miner.

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Gotta save something for Gears 5

All in good (Gears 5) time, my young padawan!

We also have some great Judgment characters that need to return and NEW ones.


Thats 1 thing I will give credit to TC for is the amount of characters we have in this game compared to every other Gears with the exception of a few (color blast, wrestler Oscar, biker Marcus) but yet people still complain.


Seeing as you mention Biker Marcus, it just occurred to me that maybe the Biker Marcus skin is his equivalent of say, Commando Dom, Superstar and Thrashball Cole, and Mechanic Baird in the sense it eludes to their past.

Marcus keeps some bikes - the Mules, at his house and they were obviously maintained even 25 odd years after the war against the Locust ended.


Marcus was never a biker. Maybe he got into them after the locust war but I cant see it. Before that na. The reason Marcus had those at the house is the same reason he had tunnels. Hes kinda like Batman when it comes to always having some type of plan.

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Well the whole motorbike thing is sometimes indicative of a midlife crisis, so it could very well be after GOW3. Maybe that’s got something to do with it! :grin:

The character skin just stood out as a bit odd at first because it’s non-canon, but the rest of the original Delta characters had alternative skins that reflected an aspect of their [past] life as we knew it. I might be over thinking it.

I could see the mid life crisis thing but the outfit just doesnt fit with Marcus IMO plus I don’t really see Marcus starting or joining a “Biker Gang”. I mean they could have made come nice armor or cog uniform as Marcus was a highly decorated solider even before the locust war. The biker thing is just weird to me but Ill take that over wrestler Oscar that just doesn’t fit in Gears neither do the color blast

I miss a lot of the characters from legacy games, but it’s best to wait until Gears 5 now, if they do bring any back they’re more than likely to use them for Gears 5, no point getting them in for 4 and coming back for possible more lines in 5.

I’ve been thinking about this, but from now there will probably be re-skins of characters that are already in the game, such as v-day delta, etc, etc.



Don’t start :joy:


Tooooooooooooo late Fribbo!!!

I do miss the Onyx Guard to be fair, maybe another one for Gears 5.

Not just Onyx Guard…BLACK STEEL ONYX GUARD!!!

What’s the difference more lights?? Lol

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No difference lol. Some guy had that brilliant idea on the forums awhile back, and I thought it was hilarious.:rofl:

It would be a waste of a black steel lol in all seriousness, kind of like the Lambent, not much difference at all. Since the armour is already dark.

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Or Griffin lol

I haven’t seen Black Steel Griffin yet, wasn’t playing that much when the packs came out.

He is terrible.
Just imagine the Glowies, switch them to COG, then make them 10x uglier. Then, you’ll get an idea on what he looks like