Still having glitch issues

In training grounds, people can still shoot over the top tower rails down towards the TL/Drop area walls. Like the muzzle isn’t blocked from the wall ledge as it should. Same with pointing straight down at the stairs by frag/incinds.
Other maps have the same effects.
You guys made the game play to benefit weaker players who have no skill sets.

The sniper/embar or long range precision weapons no longer require skills. You can just point shoot close to someone and it’s a head shot. People taking cover with their heads under the wall and still head shot from opposite side.

Versus play, a lot of people going AFK lately. It’s hurting the rest of the team who care about their rank and actually trying. Why not have a kick option. If the other team sees a player AFK, allow them to select the kick option and have a new 5th who is searching join the game. Better to have a new 5th than one eating kills.
Another issue, if a player gets kicked for AFK, why continue the match. It’s lob sided and not fair to the others who are actually making an effort.
You should either end the game or kick a player from the other team to make it an even playing field with rank and rank play.

Some players intentionally join a ranked
Match to go AFK, but they purposely move a few times just long enough not to get kicked. Why allow that?

Players should be able to give other players a thumbs up post the game or thumbs down post games. Then that too should be used as part of your algorithms to select players of even ranks etc.
obviously people can have I’ll intentions and put a thumbs down for someone T-bagging, but it should reflect player play and not sentiments.

When the new ranking system took place, it created a whole other set of issues. Rather than using previous player skills/ranks, you matched highly ranked players against low ranked and those games were so lob sided that it was like watching a landslide. The weaker teams had zero chances.