Still haven't gotten ranked rewards

So yesterday I made a post saying how my ranked rewards didn’t register, and not 5 minutes later an official told me to “submit a ticket”. I didn’t know what that meant and I couldn’t ask because they closed my thread. But whatever, I found where to submit a ticket. I report my issue, but still nobody has gotten back to me and I still haven’t gotten my ranked rewards. Uh TC, hello?

They tell you to submit a ticket to get you think that they will do something about it, but they really don’t

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A ticket can take anywhere between a few days to several months. Sometimes you never get an answer at all.

Since it’s the weekend, there is literally 0% chance someone will see it before Monday and also keep in mind this is a Community forum so it’s quite rare to see someone from TC here.

Several cases reported, there should be some action taken next week.

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Wow, cool. I worked so hard to get masters.

Same problem here. Hit Diamond the First time, Thread closed and submitted a Ticket. Notting happened since then

Same problem, reach diamond 5 times now and got bumped back to ónix 2 because of matchmaking bug that bumps you back if matchmaking fails to find a match due to players quitting. It punishes me like if I quited the game. :man_facepalming:t2: This is so frustrating because I should have been masters by now.