Still glitchy with all your updates, it’s still a horrible set up

How is it possible that with all your updates, people can back pack kill you? people can still shoot through the concrete balcony with lancer and sniper straight down.
Can you guys fix these same issues that have plagued the vs since day 1???
Also, how is it that while in VS, if I try to record, the game kicks me out and I’m penalized. How is it my fault your update sucks? Then it won’t let me screen record what happened to show proof. Seriously, this is the best your team can do to improve playability, some of us are getting and have been getting tired of your game set up that we are just waiting for a new game release to not have to come back to this.
How can I upload the video for you guys to see. ?

Mod Edit: Stop trying to get around the censor

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Oh look, its that guy who came at me with some racist BS in my inbox one time because he was salty

Even though im not even of the aforementioned race

Lol, um report me but this is an actual question. Doesn’t have anything to do with your game race or issue. If you have an issue, report me and let them do what they need to do to my account. As for
Your aforementioned race, you’d have to type what race you were called or attacked to be able
To use aforementioned. Get some better education to learn how to use that word. Lol
Otherwise, take your sensitive sally self back to your game. Lol

Ok, ill bite. Ill entertain your post.

Being able to shoot through a balcony like that is a feature, not a bug or glitch. Im sure you know when you look down over cover, it changes your camera angle allowing you to shoot farther straight down. A feature new to the franchise. The appearance of being able to shoot through walls is just a side effect of said feature.

Also, im always able to record mid match using the xboxs’ record feature. Its never crashed for me. Cant say ive heard anyone having the same problem. Unfortunate for you i guess.

As for my usage of the word ‘aforementioned’ both you and i know what was said. Its pretty easy to guess based on context clues anyway.

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I appreciate your comment and description. It’s insightful. As for my comment, as such, I’m big enough to realize when I’m an idiot and apologize for offending you. I hope you can accept my sincere apology as it’s truly that.

Its okay, im not really easily offended.

I just thought it would be fun to stir the pot

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If you are trying to use an Xbox feature that crashes the game, contact Xbox Support about that.

The game itself is crashing. Like just now. I finished the first round in TDM and the game crashed sending me back to the Maine screen for no reason.

Well what do you know, it just did it again. Different match, at the end of the 1st round it kicked me all the way back to loading screen.

This is without using any x-box options. Merely played the game, round ended and before the second round loaded, the game itself without anything being touched kicked me out to main loading screen. Both times I was allowed to re-join. But the 2nd time it cost me the game.

Please fix this game. It’s sad that one cannot truly enjoy it without all these glitches .

Send a ticket with a DxDiag to

Can I send you a video. It just did it a third time. I promise I’m not lying I promise
And I did report this on the link you posted before and it’s still doing it.
Update 12/01/2020 @21:42 hours. Game has crashed 12 times now. I have video that I’ve uploaded to the silly ticket which your team isn’t bothering to look at not fix. How is this possible that multiple people are having this issue ans you guys don’t care enough to investigate and fix???


Also, I noticed the game sometimes kicked us out of a lobby when a player quits, but it also takes our $$$ and we lose rank