Still disappointing

Like the new map we got. FFA is a blast, but still there is so many multi-year issues that still haven’t been fixed. Haven’t played in about 8 weeks.

Footsteps are practically non-existent right now.

Getting killed/downed through walls/cover.

Point blanks still not registering/incosistent.

Shot trading seems to have been turned off.

Still no option to buy individual characters.

Team balancing is way off or there is a very big population problem. Stacked teams should not be matched up against randoms.

I’d heard from friends still playing that Operation 2 was supposed to start addressing a lot of this. Got to hope this will be coming in the next TU or so.

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All this and quitters. Every game tonight has had quitters.

The title of the thread reminds me of my childhood

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The population is probably too low for stacked teams to not be your opponents occasionally. Not much you can do about that one other than get your own team. It will only get more and more frequent as the game gets older and the numbers decrease further.

I feel like it should be for a lot of people here except instead its Childhood to Adulthood

The getting down through walls I blame on latency. In CoD I would be getting shot at. I would run into a building and turn right then collapse. On the kill cam it shows me dying as I walked in the room as if the last 2 steps I took were my imagination.
The getting shot through cover is a problem. Cover feels bad in this version of gears. I feel like it’s better to not take cover and strafe behind a wall instead. This ain’t Halo but damnit it feels like TC wants it to be. In other gears the cover system felt flushed out. Now it feels like taking cover does more harm than good. If your getting shot it’s better to block line of sight than take cover cause they can still shoot you.