Still disappearing weapons from armoury in Horde

And also why in Terminator event I don’t receiving any cards? Same thing in Escape after completing hive only 2 cards reward

The empty weapons disappearing in horde is still a PITA

I have played a couple of the terminator hordes, on one a got a few greens and on the other one blue

I get only for leveling up that’s it. My Jack is lvl 8 and all his cards lvl 1

Yeah it happens when someone place a weapon with zero ammo on the locker. After a few seconds it will disappear (even if it starts to fill with ammo).

It can be mitigated by waiting for 1 or more ammo to fill in the weapon, before it disappear, remove it from locker and then place it back.

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No cards being delivered today

Could it be that Jack secretly dismantle them in the forge? :slight_smile:

Nah. I have seen empty Salvos put into lockers and they then vanished right as I was looking at them before any ammo was loaded into the weapon to prevent the disappearance from occurring. So if a heavy weapon’s empty you might as well dump it into the Forge if you got one.

As mentioned by Roguehwz, if you get an emptied heavy weapon on to a weapons locker and then immediately take it off once the reloading symbol changes from red to blue it won’t disappear and you can put it straight back on to the weapons locker to be fully reloaded and used again.

I’ve been in this situation on multiple occasions and this method has always worked (you do need to do this pretty much immediately after the weapon has been emptied otherwise it will probably disappear before the weapon locker has had a chance to start refill it).


It’s hard to see the red symbol on a Salvo when its color is red from DR-1s, or it’s some sort of glitch that doesn’t show it for the weapon. But I have seen Salvos sit on that red symbol forever at times without ever reloading a single round as well…

There definitely is a glitch regarding the symbol, doesn’t happen too often but there’s been occasions where I’ve put something on to a weapons locker and there’s been no symbol.

However, when the symbol aspect is working then this method definitely does work, even with level 1 weapons lockers that don’t have the faster reload perk.