Still cannot turn off

The stupid emoticon wheel!!!


Rebind it. Ignore it.

I’ve never had an issue with it, only know a handful of players who have, @ll_R_E_D_l and @Slipping_Flames are two that come to mind (Unless I’m confusing old threads)

They might be able to share their experience in dealing with it, I’ve had no issue so all I can say is;

“Deal with it.”


It’s a legitimate problem, a quality of life issue. The problem is that two functions are bound to the same button. Emote and longshot zoom are both right click. If those were separated, it would be simpler to just remap.


Never thought about it like that, thought you could remap “Emote Wheel” as it’s own separate command from Zoom or whatever.

I say have the option for the Toggle Loadout Weapons (Where guns are both on Right D-Pad) make the Left then bound with the Emote Wheel and leave Right Stick alone.

You are not sweaty enough to notice :wink:

Possibly I never really tried. I got Onyx in 2v2s and then gave up when FFA came out. And then they’re removing my Guardian soooo.

Good thing I like Fallout.


New Vegas?


Oh, 1&2? 3 was also good. New Vegas was my favorite. 4 was forgettable. I think 76 was a April 1st prank that someone took way too seriously.

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Yeah sure I love 1&2.

What was this thread about? I feel like @GhostofDelta2 is going to put me in forum jail for derailing my 100th thread.

It’s fine we answered it to the best of our ability.

You’re using “we” loosely. :wink:

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Teamwork makes the dream work.

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