Still cannot install Ultra HD texture pack. Stuck at 70% installation

I have Gears 5 Ultimate through GamesPass and when I go into video settings and select install Ultra HD texture pack it immediately jumps to 70% and sticks there. Nothing starts downloading according to network traffic or by checking the Windows Store or Xbox Beta app. I have an i7, 16gb RAM and 1080ti so I should be able to run the texture pack easy. Anybody else having this issue?

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Mine was stuck on 70% for a while but it seems to be going up slowly now. It’s probably just a really slow download.

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A number of people reported being stuck on 70 percent. Maybe it’s just poor at showing the true amount of progress.

How slow are we talking about? Mine has been stuck at 70% for over an hour.

Yikes. I got stuck at 70% for probably 10 mins. It’s been an hour now and it’s currently at 88%.

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Is the texture pack downloading from within the game or is it through the Xbox app or windows store app? Can you tell?

Within the game.

Also what GPU do you have by chance? I’m thinking maybe it doesn’t install if a powerful enough gpu isn’t detected. I have a 1080ti.

Checking my resource monitor, Gears 5 seems to have a constant download rate but it’s very low, averaging about 1KB/s. Not sure if this is the texture pack downloading or just general network activity.

Same here, Might have something to do with installing gears 5 not on system drive (ms games had plant of such issues in past) or antiviirus (Forza related issues). Checking in event manager if no warnings or errors occurs. EDITED: yes there are application error related to disk error while trying to install the files!!! Moving game from D to C now…

EDITED: yup, I can confirm it. Moving the game from D to SYSTEM DRIVE helps, installs now 78% :)… experience!

A few users reinstalled the game and reported that fixed the issue for them.

Obviously not ideal but is a workaround that has helped a couple of people so far (and so far 100% success rate from that limited sample).

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i Have tried installing the game on both the system drive and non system drive and nothing seems to help. Several reinstalls so far. I am games pass btw. I don’t know if everyone else is or not.

same here ultimate game pass and stuck at 70% too installed on another drive rather tahn system drive and shows me an error in windows store even after i used the wsreset command

does that mean i have to download the game again ??

It is a workaround that has helped some users. I don’t know is there currently is another solution.

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That’s funny, when I tried to download it yesterday, via the in-game option, not the store, it actually started at 70% for some reason, no idea what went on there.

i found a solution to the issue i freed up some space in the C drive i had 3 giga left and i freed another 4 gigs till i was 7 gigs also i left about 80 gigs free in the installation folder that’s on another drive (single ssd) windows store downloaded a 3.16 giga update and then started up the game and the ultra hd texture pack is installed
hope this helps

I’m having the same issue stuck at 70% can’t seem to find a work around. Does everyone’s jump to 70 or should we reinstall if it does that…

i think ive been stuck at 70% for about 24 hours. ive restarted my game, reset pc, made room on all drives, and left game on over night and still nothing. fun fun. maybe ill get them textures eventually.


Same issue. I left it for 3 hours and it never got off 70% installed. Is this broken?