Still can’t find word

Still can’t find word on the addition of characters… yes I know there are some in completing “My Tour”. But c’mon… the thing I loved most of Gears 3 is the character unlocking system rewarding you in playing. (Ie: get x amount of headshots & unlock a certain character) and so forth.

Multiplayer is the lifeline of this game, all though Horde & Escape are a fun, it isn’t what keeps the fans playing the game

That’s cos there isn’t any information on new characters at the moment. Nothing detailed or concrete at least.

At some point in the next 2 months TC plan to release 4 new characters during Operation 1 (as in, between now and the beginning of December when Operation 1 ends and 2 starts). One of these four characters will be a COG Hero, so usable in Horde and/or Escape.

As to who these characters are, your guess is as good as mine!

I suspect it will be four characters from the Campaign - so any four out of Baird, Cole, Paduk, Clayton Carmine, Lizzie Carmine, COG Gear (male and/or female); or DeeBee Shepherd.