Still broken precision repairs

My precision repairs card doesn’t upgrade properly I even have over the requirered amount to upgrade it to lvl 5 and I can’t upgrade it is this still gonna get fixed or getting robotics expert to maxed all lvl 6 cards @TC_Sera @TC_Clown

Have you put in a ticket, if not you will have to do that.

also going to tag @TC_Sera and @TC_Shauny

Good luck! I have the same issue with a Brawler card… put a ticket in months ago and have seen and heard nothing but crickets.

They don’t care.

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Clown are you SURE you dont work for TC?

I dont think its that they dont care, I think the problem is the ticket system is not made very well.

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Ya know, I’m starting to think I do

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Not made very well? Might as well be non-existent. Waiting months (if it ever DOES) to fix something so simple is laughable.