Sticky walls must go

Can we please revert whatever it is that makes the walls so sticky please? I believe Dana said it was a fix that allows you to now roadie run on cover now, I feel like this was an “issue” with that game that not many people had? I’ve never heard or seen people complain about it before, but I HAVE seen people in droves complaining about the stickiness of the walls. I saw the last dev stream and JoTay said they would be open to removing it, so I really hope they take that route.


Yep, that cover running fix definitely did a lot more harm than good. So in that case, no reason not to revert it. Make it happen TC, can’t have this going on when the slide speed is reduced to 600. The movement is gonna feel way too clunky.

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I’m getting stuck to every damn wall. I’m not even close to the wall and I’m magnetizing to it. Once I’m on the wall it’s a nightmare to get off of it at times and most of the time it’s a crucial moment and it costs me.

Why was this even considered? The lag makes movement bad enough. Intentionally increasing the effect is unacceptable.


I get stuck on corners quite a bit. I see it happen to other people in FFA. They are trying to evade and next thing you know they are glued to the wall for a few seconds and get chunked. You can see it because they just totally stop moving and just camp out on the wall.

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HEre is a perfect example. I already posted this a few times now.!AsEN1F4G2JWlgjaDhNGctlA3zzL-
Here is another one that , yes. I put myself in a bad situation but i personally think i had a great chance of escaping and possibly gibbing him because he missed his second shot tht hit left of me on wall.

I have a few more videos of this bs but wtf is the point. Im not getting any response.
SIDE NOTE /OFF TOPIC but it needs to be said
TC will listen to 1 person on the developers stream about the weapon swap speed being lowered because that said 1 PERSON gets wrecked and cant learn his lesson about straight lining to an opponent.
They will mess with something that doesnt need to be addressed but we will hear crickets with bs that effects everyones game play and furthers the distance from this game ever becoming more fluid.


This exact thing happens to me. You just get stuck and can’t get off cover. That guy had so much time to line up his shot because you got stuck. That’s a death that would have irritated me too.

They seriously need to fix that. It happened to me several times one one match last night.

Every map has certain corners you cant do sht to get off
No matter the camera angle your in.

Its not like i was wall bouncing
.im just trying to evade.

I just want the game to be fluid.


I find that specific types of cover can be more problematic than others. Or maybe it’s the cover system all together. There’s the common gripe where you’re trying to slide into the corner of a wall and instead it slides you just inches away from that corner. Is it the player not being precise enough? Or can the game do something different in this case? Additionally i experience delays and no shots from the gnasher, sometimes while doing so off cover.