Steam is going to eat you alive TC

You’re telling me no one tested this game on gtx 10 series cards? How you can have the same issue 2.5 years later is ridiculous. I can’t get through a single gears 5 match without my PC freezing and locking up. Get with Nvidia and get your crap together. So glad I get access to your trash game for $1 game pass . You think these forums are bad with backlash wait till you screw over steam users.


Im sure they tested on series 10 cards but remember there are so many different configurations on PC this issue probably didnt show up on their controlled systems.

Really dont think its the same issue, because gears 5 and gears 4 are built up differently so the possibility of the EXACT same issue being in gears 5 is unlikely.

I’d like to know what is causing the issues. My friend has a 1080ti and couldn’t play Gears 4 anymore due to crashing but he was able to play Gears 5 all weekend with minimal to no issues.

It’s an identical watchdog violation that happens on 4, Going to have to agree to disagree. Lots of people are having issues with lots of different setups. Never have I had a game on PC crash every 10min to where one match is impossible to finish. They don’t even have a warning up for gow4 in the windows store that it doesn’t work with 10 series cards. It’s ridiculous and I hope they lose money this time around.

Well game is supposed to release early September which nvidia should release drivers for this game.

I suggest anyone who pre ordered the game on pc and had issues to cancel them and wait to see if problems will exist on release date.

It’s inexcusable for them to dragging over the same bugs from a pervious game. For those who don’t know, negative reviews on a Stream are a real issue for a lot of developers and if this game crashes on 10 series cards, yikes…
Steam is a real chance for the game to grow and reach a new audience. I can only hope this isn’t the same bug and that they work it out before release.


Please keep the posts to this thread as TC has commented in it and asked for DXDiag information from impacted users :slight_smile: Gears 5 Tech Test - Hard-Freezing GOW4 Style On Anyone Else? (PC)