Stay frosty mode

Does anybody miss stay frosty from gears 4. I recently played a custom match with those settings and had a lot of fun. Although it does turn the hammerburst into basically a sniper haha

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It was fun once in a while as an event. Not my favourite of the bunch, but far from my least favourite. It could get pretty campy even with the inclusion of a starting frag.

I think TC’s internal numbers for it weren’t great. By the end of Gears 5, it was down to Gnashers Only, a couple of different OSOKs, and SSG. OSOK eventually got a social loby that died out pretty quickly (I think it should have been FFA, not TDM, and possibly even ranked since we have a billion ranked modes anyway), and now it just rotates Gnashers Only and SSG if I recall.

Only thing I can remember in that direction is this post which makes it seem like there’s only going to be one permanent ‘event’ mode from now on. Could be wrong though.

“As a reminder, PvP and PvE matches will continue along with the featured event – Control: SSG and season rollovers every 11 weeks.”

All the way at the bottom of this : Gears 5 | Latest Gears 5 Update

I haven’t played an event in quite a while. Seems like it is indeed SSG all the time now.

It would make FFA fun again.

Gears 3 did it best, it’s my favourite mode of all the events.