Stay Frosty Feedback Thread

(kanati39993) #64

The stay Frosty reward tracker on here is not tracking my wins at all. I should have 4 o 5 but it says I have zero. However the “de-frosted” tracker is working just fine.

(crazychainsaws8) #65

The site is not going up in my screen ether but the achievement in xbox should be tracking and when I did got my 10 wins I was able to claim it just fine.

(GB6 Kazuya) #66

I’ve now played it. It’s horrible, swarming (pun intended) with the Golden Gun vermin. It’s a disgrace to the original Stay Frosty, which I was a fan of.

I said earlier to give it one shot, but I regret that. Remove it entirely. It’s cheap and ruins the entire event. It also adds insult to injury that you automatically change to Boltok upon spawning. That was the first thing that angered me.

As for the Hammerburst, which this mode is based on, it’s far too weak. It should be double the damage. That’s the whole point of the game type. Stay Frosty. See below:

  • 1 bursts to the head will kill
  • 2 bursts to the body will kill
  • Active Reload: Rate of fire increase, no damage buff, increased cooldown time

Golden Gun Tuning

  • Non-existant.

Grenade Tuning

  • Reduced damage radius. (They can stay as they are to spice things up a bit)

Weapon Spawns: Hammerbursts only.

DBNO: Off.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, the overall time limit should be increased to at least 15. These matches do take longer. The challenges should also have not been active until the event was out of it’s “beta” stage. It’s too easy to get 50 Golden Gun kills.

(AlphaKnight04) #67

I thought it was a fun time, but I do agree that it depends on the team and map you end up playing. Much like OSOK, some enemy teams just rush in our spawn and try to force close encounters. At least in this mode we have the Golden Gun to counter with since some maps are too small for the HB to be more effective than the GG. A lot of matches seem to just devolve into GG wallbouncing fights, which don’t aren’t that fun to me and remind me of how all the OSOK matches devolved into.

I think upping the HB damage would help, it makes it a more viable counter to the GG. I initially thought the reduced damage grenades were bad, but I see the point of it now. I’ve literally walked up on a planted grenade and didn’t die from it.

(o0 WILKY 0o) #68

My wins are not counting towards my wins

(Kluizord) #69

STAYED FROSTY achivement is not counting my wins, but DE-FROSTED is working fine.


My kills is showing but not my wins how does that work.

(RastaMonJohnson) #71

The power of the Hammerburst is balanced, but I don’t feel like the Golden Gun adds to the experience. The gun fights feel slow and usually just end in melee downs and Meatshield Golden Guns.

Stay Frosty was more focused around headshots.

I really enjoyed the 1 shot headshot with the Snub. Nothing was more satisfying than getting a superman/spiderman with the Snub!

(gigidyimonaboat) #72

So overall feedback for Stay Frosty… Fix the friggin challenge so wins count…

I have like 6 wins but it shows zero… Fix that, all that matters…

(Saber Skywalker) #73

How about replacing gg with a snub that pops a head in 3 shots but ONLY registers headshot dmg

(Aquiles ARR) #74

Here I have the same situation:

(Bleeding Pepper) #75

Overall I enjoy Stay Frosty.

What I will say is, get rid of that damn Golden Gun and bring back the adapted Snub (it was stronger but slower rate of fire if I recall correctly). The GG just turns it into a run-and-gun game. It’s nice to finally have something a bit slower and tactical, and is essentially a cover-based-shooter again.

(xxDAMRONxx) #76

Hanmerburst is not powerful enough to compete with the golden gun. Remove golden gun and replace with 2 headshot Boltok.

Headshots with hammer burst should headshot enemies with 2 bursts and body shots SHOULD DNBO.

Remove grenade.

(GuyanaT1gerBone) #77

My Stay Frosty wins aren’t being counted on the 10 wins challenge…happening for anyone else?

(Mystacide528) #78

Wins arent being tracked for anyone. Mine still shows 0. But the kills reward is working fine

(LesserWarrior) #79

I won games and it’s not showing either.

(Omen LP) #80

Everyone likes different things. I don’t like the golden gun setup at all. Played 1 game, checked that box, wont play again.

(mizzelphug) #81

I tried to play it.
I couldn’t get into a game with anyone else in the U.S. so it was my 32ms ping against lobbies of +200ms.

Top guy on the opposing team with the highest ping was crushing it as per Gears4 usual.

(Saber Skywalker) #82

It’s a real shame wins arnt tracking, this could have been a good thread on how to improve the event but it’s inundated with “my wins arnt tracking” posts

Now I understand it can be frustrating n all but many posts end with, anyone else have this issue?

Erm yea mate, 25ppl who posted before you lol

Any chance this thread could start over and be kept on topic?

(GB6 Kazuya) #83

Agreed. They may not be tracking, but people are still getting the achievement so I don’t understand the big issue. Manually track in the mean time, stop whining. They’ll obviously fix the tracking.

It’s more important that people focus on feedback for the actual event, which, as you said, is what the whole point of this topic is…