Stay Frosty Feedback Thread

(TC Octus) #1

We want to build Stay Frosty alongside the community, gathering your feedback on specific aspects of the mode to help make it the best it can be. We’ll try some ideas. They might work. They might not. But together, we want to make the best Stay Frosty (even if that ends up being the original!).

Stay Frosty V2

Mode: Team Deathmatch
Rounds: 1
Respawns: 35

Loadout: Hammerburst, Boltok, 1 Grenade

Hammerburst Tuning

  • 1.2 bursts to the head to kill (was 1.5)
  • 2.5 bursts to the body to kill (was 3)
  • Active Reload: Rate of fire increase, no damage buff, increased cooldown time

Boltok Tuning

  • 2 hits to the head to kill
  • 4 hits to the body to kill
  • Active Reload: 1 hit headshot, 2 hit kill, no rate of fire increase

Grenade Tuning

  • Reduced damage radius

Weapon Spawns: Hammerbursts only


We want your feedback on V2, which focuses on a more classic experience for the mode. We recommend focusing your feedback around these three questions:

  • Does the Hammerburst feel powerful enough?

  • What did you prefer to use - the Hammerburst or the Boltok? Why?

  • What did you feel was the most effective strategy in V2 of Stay Frosty?


Stay Frosty V1

Mode: Team Deathmatch
Rounds: 1
Respawns: 35

Loadout: Hammerburst, Golden Gun, 1 Grenade

Hammerburst Tuning

  • 1.5 bursts to the head will down
  • 3 bursts to the body will down
  • Active Reload: Rate of fire increase, no damage buff, increased cooldown time

Golden Gun Tuning

  • No aiming (hipfire only)
  • Starting ammo: 4

Grenade Tuning

  • Reduced damage radius

Weapon Spawns: Hammerbursts only


SF worst playlist ever!
Stay Frosty... an opinion
SF worst playlist ever!
(Duffman GB) #3

Played 2 games, 1 victory. Good fun, HBurst doesn’t seem “powerful” enough, otherwise I enjoyed.
The game we won I was 6 kills, 4 death. 4 kills by Boltok, 1 by Hammy and 1 knife.

(l Ar Ci l) #4

one shot kill with boltok that’s a mistake right there.
hammer burst don’t kill instantly downs you promotes kills getting stole from you.
Team mates running around all the map wasting spawns
everyone is doing only boltok so what’s the use of grenades and hammerburts?
Horrible playlist , this is not SF this is Golden Gun 2.0 smh

(ZombieLady66) #5

Not showing on claim rewards to note progress


Done achievements does anyone know when skins are available to claim? Not up in my rewards yet.

(TWAN842004) #7

There seems to be an error with team deathmatch bounties. Every time I select it it goes away and I’m in the match with no bounty on

(thesuicidefox) #8

Full burst +1 bullet to the head should pop the head. Two full burst should body someone. Everyone gets 1 frag with a smaller blast radius (to flush out instead of smoke). Only weapons on the map are sniper, which OHK to any part of the body but has a long reload similar to Golden Gun, more frags or HB ammo, and a Boltok that can one shot headshot or 2 shot down (at heavies/Boom/Drop). Also DBNO timer is set to 0 so people get right back up. Stay Frosty is about exploding body parts, not being DBNO by a normal-ish Hammerburst. You died crazy fast in the original Stay Frosty so I don’t get why weapons don’t splatter you.

(AliceInChainsaw) #9

the DNBO thing is a bug from what I thought I had read on their update. They don’t want to have it but have to have it.

That being said, I know nothing of stay frosty as this is my first gears game so I don’t have any cool ideas for it. Maybe the winner of each round should get to wear a neat scarf or something

(Harlem Kat Lily) #10

Same issue , Hopefully they fix it really want to rock my New skins ")

(XeroShinobi) #11

This event is effectively a reduced ammo variant of Golden Gun with frags to push people out of cover once in a while. The Hammerburst is irrelevant on virtually every map.

(ZombieLady66) #12

Tracking on games win not working just heads up

(hispanic gamer2) #13

won some matches but still for the heartbeat hammerburst it says i havent won a match

(n4n00) #14

Hi i’ve won 5 times and it doesn’t show my wins

(ZombieLady66) #15

Got my Lancer already and claimed fine…But the 10 game wins not tracking at all.still says 0

(XapplesausX) #16

Wins not tracking

(Saber Skywalker) #17

More starting hb ammo plz, and larger amount from pickups, dmg increase needed too, I’m getting away with too much in the open, need to be slightly more dissuaded about charging with gg, also maybe get a grenade with a pickup, but not if you’ve got one? When you’ve survived ages you’re punished with limited choices, dying jus to restock takes from the experience

(Saber Skywalker) #18

Didn’t mean to tag reply lol, jus jumped at the nearest arrow in my haste to demand more, MORE

(El Glaude) #20

Yup, same here…

(l Ar Ci l) #21

So I have 20 something kills but no matches won lol

This is ridiculous I clearly won more than 1 lol

(Tei Tenga) #22

For the in-game achievement tracker:

Three times the achievement tracker didn’t register this challenge properly for me until I had won another match, then it jumped to the correct percentage.

example: I had won 3 matches, but it only displayed 20% (when it should have displayed 30%)… when I won the 4th match it showed 40%. This happened to me at 40%, 80% and finally after the 10th match the challenge popped.

As for the “My Rewards” page tracker… the Kills counted fine, but the wins never counted on the page at all;. In fact, after I won the 10th match, I was able to claim the Hammerburst skins (they are physically in my inventory as well) on the My Rewards page, yet my stats still say I have won 0/10 matches.