Status of players online

add ( PLAYERS ONLINE ) functionality in Gears of War 4 and 5 in a new update , and future games too

this functionality existed in gears of war 3 and gears of war judgment

This will help many not waste time looking for a game that has few or no players

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The player count on steam doesn’t show the entire pc playerbase mostly due to people getting it on gamepass or Microsoft store. My estimate for the current player base is probably around 5000 considering me and my cousin we’re playing ffa last night and he got into a game with like 6 people I was just in a game with.

Also idky devs hide the player count nowadays. I remember almost every Xbox 360 game with multiplayer would should how many players were on, including every gears game.

hi dude , gears of war 3 and gears of war judgment have this funtionality


Yes. We’ve been calling for this for 3 years. But, I think they’re scared to reveal the actual numbers. Same reason they hide people’s ranks, transparency issues. Having a queue count would be a huge quality of life boost for the community though.

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low players in steam

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Hi ma n,

Only 416 online on steam playing that game ? Am I getting the information correctly ?

Yea, it got a slight boost after black Friday but it started at 10,000 on release and is around 400 daily and declining. And, the spooky thing is that’s paying owners, not gamepass players. I don’t think anyone saw that coming.
Hope they can turn it around…

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Yeah man because imagine that it would decrease to 50 PLAYERS ONLY … you’ll have to play with me @Me0wMix_CatFood and I play horde into max difficulty settings !!!


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